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G45T-M2 Software, BIOS, And Accessories

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The G45T-M2 installation CD doesn’t include applications beyond the driver pack, so we can jump straight to its BIOS settings.

BIOS Frequency and Voltage settings (for overclocking)

FSB Frequency

Stock to 500 MHz (1 MHz)

Clock Multiplier Adjustment


DRAM Ratios

Up to DDR2-800

PCIe Clock

Not Adjustable

CPU Vcore

Not Adjustable

CPU FSB Voltage

Not Adjustable

Northbridge (MCH)

Not Adjustable

Southbridge (ICH)

Not Adjustable

DRAM Voltage

+0.05 V, +0.10 V, +0.15 V


tCAS:3-7; tRCD: 3-10; tRP: 3-10; tRAS: 9-24

Unlike motherboards that are specifically targeted at overclockers, the ECS G45T-M2 does not support overclocked memory speeds such as DDR2-1066 or DDR2-1200. Its menus are also far more basic.

G45T-M2 Frequency and Voltage controls are limited to CPU FSB clock and DRAM over-voltage. Unfortunately, the FSB clock control didn’t function at all with our Core 2 Duo E8600, and altering our DDR2-800 memory timings caused severe instability. The G45T-M2 is the only motherboard in today’s comparison that was forced to use DDR2-800 memory speed at loose CAS 5 timings.




Motherboard Manual

Motherboard Driver CD


1x DVI to HDMI Cable Adapter

4x SATA Data Cable

1x 4-pin to SATA power adapter

1x I/O Panel Shield

ECS devoted a big chunk of the G45T-M2’s expense in the chipset, cutting costs in places like software and accessories. Still, we’re glad to see that this DVI-supporting motherboard includes an HDMI adapter.

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