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Enlight - 7237

How To Select The Right Case

I personally have been using and choosing Enlight cases since my early Socket 7 Pentium days. Having a lot of experience with Enlight cases made me want to introduce even more people to what I consider to be one of the best values in cases today, the Enlight 7237. The folks at Pyrinex provided us with a look at the latest version of the Enlight 7237.

The 7237 isn't fancy, and as a matter of record, I hate the front of the 7237 so much that I have told vendors that I would do just about anything to replace the fronts of all of the 7237's in the lab.

With that said, let's take a look at the specifications for the 7237.

Number Of Internal 3.5" Bays 1
Number Of External 3.5" Bays 2
Number Of External 5.25" Bays 4
How Many Case Fans Supported? 2
Construction Material 0.8 mm thick SECC rustproof & galvanized JIS steel
Power Supply Included? - What Type? Enlight 340 Watt
Special Features None
Size 7.7"x 16.7"x18.9"
Sample Case Provided By
Estimated Cost $75

The 7237 provides a good mix of both size and space, but don't be fooled, this is a mid-tower case, and fully loaded with components, things can get a little tight.

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