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Additional BIOS Features

X48 Motherboard Comparison

Like the GA-X48-DQ6, the GA-X48T-DQ6 provides storage for up to eight overclocking profiles by pressing the F11 key. These can be retrieved by pressing the F12 key from the main BIOS page.

The F12 popup menu also allows users to select previous settings that weren't intentionally stored, effectively taking the system back to a previously stable state.

Available by pressing F8 from either the POST screen or the main BIOS screen, Q-Flash accepts floppy or USB flash media as a source for BIOS update images.


Documentation & Software Motherboard Manual
Motherboard Driver CD
Hardware 1x 80-conductor Ultra ATA cable
1x Floppy Drive Cable
4x SATA Data Cable
1x eSATA Breakout Plate (2-drives each)
1x External Four-Pin to SATA Power Adapter
1x eSATA to SATA Adapter Cables
1x I/O Panel Shield
1x Gigabyte Case Badge

As with the GA-X48-DQ6, the X48T-DQ6 comes with a relatively good cable kit, lacking only two internal SATA and one SATA to eSATA adapter cable from being complete.

Our X48T-DQ6 sample arrived with the full retail box including custom-printed sleeve, but Gigabyte didn't have the retail driver CD or manual ready yet. We expect the retail CD to contain Gigabyte's usual assortment of system management, BIOS, tuning, and anti-virus utilities. Most of the company's recent motherboards also support its Dynamic Energy Saver utility.

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