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Checkout This Viewsonic 27” 144Hz 1080p VA Gaming Monitor With 22% off

(Image credit: Viewsonic)

Oh we love monitor deals, they’re the best thing you can come across. After all, we all need screens and finding the right screen for your use case is imperative to a good PC experience. Yes Black Friday may be coming to a close, however Viewsonic’s VX2758-C-MH 27-inch 1080p gaming monitor is currently on sale with $56 off its retail price. In fact if you dig back far enough this thing actually first listed for $280 before falling into that concurrent $260 retail price we keep seeing, so the reality is it’s almost $90 off what Viewsonic first listed it at. 


Viewsonic 27-inch 1080p VX2758-C-MH: was $250, now $193

Viewsonic 27-inch 1080p VX2758-C-MH: was $250, now $193
Complete with curved screen, 144Hz Refresh FreeSync (and likely G-Sync support), this 27-inch 1080p screen, is a perfect choice for those packing anything below an RTX 2070 GPU. 



Display Size27"
Pixel Density82 PPI
Panel TypeMVA, 8-bit
Max Refresh Rate144 Hz
Response Time5ms G2G
Variable SyncFreeSync
ConnectivityHDMI, VGA
Warranty3 Years


There’s nothing quite like a 144 Hz screen when it comes to buttery smooth use. Whether that’s in game or on the desktop everything just feels far nicer to observe. There’s less motion blur, more clarity, and more enjoyment because of it. Whether you’re in game or not, the difference is tangible. Similar to the first time you upgraded from a hard drive to an SSD for your OS, or took a current generation graphics card out for a spin after using the same GPU for five years (we won’t judge).

Ok, so it’s not the sharpest screen in the shed, with a 1080p resolution at 27-inches, it brings the pixel density down to around 82 PPI (about the same as a 55” 4K TV), but the reality is that’s kinda a good thing. If you’re running anything from a GTX 1660 Ti and above, netting more than 120 FPS in most titles is going to be a doddle. Couple that with FreeSync (and likely G-Sync) support, a curved display, an MVA panel for intense popping color contrast ratios, and a comfortable 5ms G2G response time, and this thing kicks ass when it comes to enjoying your favorite games. It’s not the cheapest 1080p screen out there, but for the price and the spec it’s one hell of a deal and fantastic entrypoint into the world of high-refresh gaming.

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