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Compliance Benchmarks: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, And Acid3

Web Browser Grand Prix 3: IE9 Enters The Race

On this page, we are again switching gears, this time to standards compliance testing.

Chrome scores the highest on, earning 288 points and 13 bonus points. Opera is second, achieving 234 points and seven bonus points. Apple Safari finishes in third place, with 187 points and no bonus. Firefox comes in fourth with 155 regular points and four bonus. IE9 brings up the rear with only 130 points, but manages to score five bonus points.

CSS3 Selectors Test

First place in the CSS3 Selectors test is a four-way tie between Mozilla Firefox (3.6.15), IE9, Opera, and Safari. Believe it or not, Google Chrome is the odd man out in a standards compliance test, scoring only 558 out of a possible 574.


Sputnik is a new addition to the WBGP. This is the second version of an up-and-coming JavaScript conformance benchmark from Google.

IE9 once again comes out of the gate swinging, with a chart-topping score of 5175 in Sputnik. Opera comes in second with 5166, and Chrome places third with 5110. Safari finishes fourth with 5075, while Firefox again secures last place with 4982.

Acid3 Pass/Fail

Earlier we looked at the time it took our three first-place finishers to complete the Acid3 test. As you can see, Microsoft's new Internet Explorer still doesn't achieve a full score in Acid3, taking home a 95 out of 100. No surprise here; Firefox 3.6 still scores a 94.

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