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Peripherals - Page 2


Peripherals are everything in your digital device except the processor, motherboard, and memory. Tom's Hardware has reviews and benchmarks for all manner of peripherals, from specialty gaming mice, to hard drives, to monitors and speakers.

news - JANUARY 9 4

This concept wireless mouse charges while it sits on your desk.

news - JANUARY 8 6

This mouse ships early 2014 for PC and Mac.

news - JANUARY 8 0

Here are several devices Genius is displaying at CES 2014.

news - JANUARY 7 22

Somewhere over the rainbow...

news - DECEMBER 30 7

These headphones have a built-in processor, storage, Wi-Fi connectivity and more.

news - DECEMBER 19 4

This White Edition arrives just in time for the holiday season.

news - DECEMBER 18 12

This controller is optimized for the Galaxy line of devices, but should work with other Android phones and tablets.

news - DECEMBER 13 4

VESA has certified 65 percent more devices this year over previous years, bringing the annual tally up to 300.

news - DECEMBER 12 8

Tesoro has released a new mouse for you to claw.

reviews - DECEMBER 11 22

We're testing a wide range of Bluetooth-capable speakers, priced between $50 and $250, to gauge how well these wireless audio devices fare. Believe it or not, there's a ton of differentiation, and a number of...

news - DECEMBER 9 23

Func's KB-460 is a mechanical keyboard that is remarkably simple

news - DECEMBER 8 9

The Bluetooth SIG has announced Bluetooth 4.1.

news - DECEMBER 8 2

These PCs will have a special keyboard with a built-in Leap Motion sensor.

news - DECEMBER 6 19

Here are two visually impressive PC gaming keyboards.

news - DECEMBER 4 3

Mionix's newest optical mouse is for righties only.

news - DECEMBER 3 2

Roccat finally launched the white version of its limited edition mouse.

news - NOVEMBER 28 30

Here's a new high-end headset from Razer.

news - NOVEMBER 26 1

The three new Moga controllers are now in stores.

reviews - NOVEMBER 21 17

Thermaltake's eSports division sent over keyboards, mice, headsets, and mouse pads for us to look at, so we combined the company's peripheral line-up into one story with six different products tested and...

news - NOVEMBER 11 11

The new Spire Archer I ergonomic mouse has a rather interesting design that claims to reduce health issues caused by long term computer use.

news - NOVEMBER 4 3

These controllers will charge the Android device while you play.

news - NOVEMBER 4 7

Microsoft has provided a few workarounds until a fix arrives.

reviews - OCTOBER 28 22

Roccat's Power-Grid allows your smartphone or tablet to be used as a programmable PC peripheral interface device. We took the beta version through its paces to show you what the software can do, and how easy it...

news - OCTOBER 27 5

This controller should arrive real soon.

news - OCTOBER 19 7

Gigabyte has a new wireless PC gaming mouse.

news - OCTOBER 19 18

Logitech's new mouse features a special Windows 8 button.