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AMD - Page 20


reviews - OCTOBER 20 29

Given a lack of chipset vendors integrating USB 3.0 support into their core logic (with the exception of AMD's Socket FM1-focused A75), motherboard manufacturers are forced to lean hard on third-party...

reviews - OCTOBER 19 94

This month we're discussing the impact of recent pricing changes and mourning the loss of Nvidia's GeForce GTX 460 768 MB. It's also time to talk about some of the potential changes to the graphics card...

reviews - OCTOBER 17 111

Nvidia just updated its stereoscopic 3D ecosystem with 3D Vision 2. We show you what makes this initiative different and how it compares to the competition. Then, we benchmark GeForce and Radeon graphics cards...

news - OCTOBER 15 59

AMD may be unveiling its first 28 nm graphics chips before the end of the year.

news - OCTOBER 13 205

After reading Chris Angelini's thorough review of AMD's first Bulldozer CPU, the FX-8150, I have to admit that I was somewhat confused. Didn't AMD claim a few weeks ago that the FX would be the world's fastest...

reviews - OCTOBER 12 530

Perhaps the most hotly-anticipated launch in 2011, AMD’s FX processor line-up is finally ready for prime time. Does the company’s new Bulldozer architecture have what it takes to face Intel’s Sandy Bridge...

news - OCTOBER 10 63

The best way to play Deus Ex: Human Revolution in the world.

news - OCTOBER 5 33

AMD doesn't see much hope in the ultrabook's success in a market dominated by Apple's MacBook series.

news - OCTOBER 4 8

AMD's Rick Bergman has found a new job. He has been hired as permanent CEO at Synaptics.

news - SEPTEMBER 30 38

AMD reduced its revenue growth expectations for the third quarter by about 50 percent, stating that it has been affected by "manufacturing issues" at Globalfoundries.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 29 112

It’s about time that someone performed a meaningful comparison of 3D-enabled games using Nvidia’s 3D Vision and AMD’s HD3D. We put 18 different titles under the microscope to determine which technology...

reviews - SEPTEMBER 28 62

AMD's Zambezi processor isn't here yet. But Intel is keeping us busy with 16 new Sandy Bridge-based CPUs, all of which are covered in this month's update. AMD shows us a couple of new Llano-based chips, and we...

news - SEPTEMBER 27 22

AMD's new Catalyst 11.10 Preview driver is optimized for the Battlefield 3 Open Beta for Radeon HD 6000 and Radeon HD 5000 Series GPUs.

news - SEPTEMBER 27 22

AMD is expanding its GPU product line in the embedded space.

news - SEPTEMBER 26 40

A leaked processor roadmap provides a first clue about the schedule of AMD's upcoming Trinity APUs.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 26 46

Big changes to a few components radically alter the performance profile of every machine in this quarter's competition. We’ve already seen how these changes affect the value of each machine, but how will they...

news - SEPTEMBER 24 11

AMD's Products Group General Manager Rick Bergman has resigned. Meanwhile, former Comcast senior vice president of engineering Paul Struhsaker has signed on with AMD's new commercial business division.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 22 84

A few months ago, we built our $500 gaming PC using Intel's Sandy Bridge-based Core i3 processor, and it was a real screamer. This time around we're switching back to an overclockable Phenom II X4 and hoping...

reviews - SEPTEMBER 16 71

A flagship graphics launch is bound to fail unless it's the fastest game in town. Well, both AMD and Nvidia say their respective juggernauts have that title. Clearly, only one company can be right. Is the...

news - SEPTEMBER 14 118

AMD is set to launch its next-generation graphic processors this coming fall and it is shaping up to be more than expected with use of XDR2 memory interface.

news - SEPTEMBER 14 70

Definitely not achieved using air cooling.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 14 58

This month we're talking about the disappearance of Nvidia's GeForce GT 240 and GeForce GTX 460 graphics cards. Additionally, we consider the implications of our micro-stuttering investigation on the dual-card...

news - SEPTEMBER 14 79

With the recent announcement of Intel's Sandy-Bridge-E's pending release date, we get some much welcome word that the FX-Series ("Bulldozer") is coming soon, with the CPUs going up for pre-order.

news - SEPTEMBER 9 69

AMD's new leader has some work to do.

news - SEPTEMBER 9 35

The A4-3300 and the A4-3400 APUs for desktops are now available, starting at a mere $70 USD.

news - SEPTEMBER 8 108

AMD has announced the shipments of the x86 “Bulldozer” architecture... unfortunately for the masses, it is the Opteron server based processors and not the Zambezi (FX Series) desktop processors.

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