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Storage - Page 42


Whether you're looking for a safe way to store and share your family photos, or high-speed access for mission-critical data, or something in between, we can provide you with the information and benchmarks to find a storage solution for your needs.

reviews - JUNE 11 46

Hard drive capacities have increased in large increments over the last few years, while trends indicate reduced spindle speeds of 5,400 RPM instead of 7,200. We looked at three generations of Samsung hard...

news - JUNE 9 30

Microsoft isn't too keen on SSDs and HDDs living under the same roof.

news - JUNE 8 38

A little late on this one, but we wanted to spill the beans anyway.

news - JUNE 5 20

SSDs are becoming more popular and the prices are definitely dropping steadily, just not as fast as most of us would like. OCZ is trying to change that.

news - JUNE 5 16

Silicon Power has come up with an interesting way to distinguish itself from the ocean of USB sticks on show at Computex Taiwan: add an eSATA port.

news - JUNE 4 10

This week at Computex, Thecus is showing off its new N5500 NAS Device, designed to keep store your data and keep everything nice and secure.

news - JUNE 4 23

Intel SSDs still hold the market for the ultimate in performance, but that could change very soon.

news - JUNE 4 6

Flexibility is key, and Patriot Memory's ConvoyXL delivers just that.

news - JUNE 4 8

SSDs are a big topic here at Computex, and Intel SSDs are no exception.

news - JUNE 4 12

Super Talent had its RAIDdrive GS card on display and on demo at the show floor here at Computex.

news - JUNE 3 23

Our onsite reporters have seen a lot of nifty products at Computex in Taipei and Kingmax’s waterproof SD card is one of them.

news - JUNE 3 6

Hybrid storage in netbooks never really caught on. We saw one from MSI back in January, but aside from that, there was nothing else worth noting when it came to dual harddrives in an ultra portable, low cost...

news - JUNE 3 33

SSD’s are fast becoming a viable option, and with prices dropping pretty steadily, more folks are opting to go SSD rather than HDD.

news - JUNE 3 28

Blu-ray adoption is still unsatisfying, price wars eliminated profit margins and the crisis hit hard. In a short interview with Sony Optiarc we learned their about their recipe to succeed.

news - MAY 28 39

The Serial ATA International Organization has today made official the Serial ATA Revision 3.0 specification.

news - MAY 22 43

1.6 Terabytes on a single disc.

news - MAY 20 39

Makes me feel young again.

reviews - MAY 19 27

Hard drive silencers and cases with special suspension hardware promise to reduce hard drive noise. We looked at two different products, and were really surprised by the results. Are these things gimmicks, or...

news - MAY 18 47

Friday TDK announced that it launched a new line of serial ATA II compatible hard drives, however storage integration specialist Origin Storage says that they're doomed to failure.

reviews - MAY 15 18

Big hard drive capacities aren't just for immobile desktops any more. We round up the latest portable disks from Fujitsu, Samsung, Seagate, and Western Digital in order to gauge the performance you can expect...

news - MAY 14 8

Ultra portable notebook with a 512 GB SSD. Drool.

news - MAY 13 13

Samsung has announced that it is now shipping 32 GB moviNAND memory chips.

news - MAY 12 24

This afternoon Corsair announced the 256 GB edition of its Storage Solutions SSDs (Solid State Drive), offering consumers its fastest and largest 2.5-inch SATA II drive thus far.

picture story - MAY 11 53

Ever wonder why anyone would pay to have their hard drive repaired? We were recently given the chance to follow a victim of last year's Iowa flooding through the recovery process, witnessing a completely ruined...

news - MAY 7 51

Some people still think standard-def DVD is "good enough" compared to Blu-ray Disc.

reviews - MAY 6 28

Our old 3.6 GHz Xeon is making way for a brand new X58-based Core i7 solution with PCI-X and PCIe, which we will use to test hard drives, SSDs, controllers, and other storage products. We introduce you to our...