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Logitech’s G502 Proteus Gaming Mouse down to $35 (59% off!)

Logitech's G502 Proteus Spectrum is a treasure trove of features

Let’s face it, the best time to buy any peripheral is on Black Friday or Prime Day. Just take a look at this Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum deal we found. Yep this thing is $35, down from $85. That’s a saving of around 59% on what’s considered one of the best gaming mice out there. In fact, it’s lightspeed brother recently made it on to our Best Gaming Mice for 2019 list, and with good reason. Just remember to hit View Offer, when you’re on the page.

In short, aside from the design, the ludicrous amount of weight customization (ranging from 121g / 4.268 oz all the way up to 139g / 4.903 oz total mouse weight), the big seller is that sensor. Logitech’s G502 Proteus Spectrum features an optical PixArt PMW3366 sensor. Capable of CPIs ranging from 200-12,000, with a max acceleration of 40Gs and a maximum speed of 400 IPS (10.16 M/s) before it loses count this thing is a beast.

How does it feel?

From our own personal experience we can tell you that this is very much a right-handed mouse designed for those who favor either a palm grip or a claw grip. On top of that, it features Logitech’s infinite scroll wheel. Simply click the press in button located just behind the wheel, and there’s no resistance on the wheel itself, meaning it’ll spin on its bearings in whatever direction you flick it. It sounds like such a minor detail, but it’s a strangely satisfying experience, that makes quick work of scrolling down web pages far more pleasant than compared to its resistive cousins. On top of that, there’s a total of 11 programmable buttons and a single RGB zone.

Down sides? Well for the FPS gamers out there, the first thing you’ll notice is the weight. At 121g as standard this thing leans on the heavier side of gaming mice. Coupled with a braided cable as opposed to a smoother PTFE variant, and it’s perhaps not suited to the best of high-end fps gamers. That said, for everyone else, and those who like chunkier mice, the Logitech G502 Proteus is perhaps, one of our favorite mice of all time. Either way, at $35 it’s definitely worth a shot, for any who might be curious.

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Image Credits: Logitech / Tom's Hardware

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