ATI releases Catalyst 6.6 driver package

ATI continues to deliver on its promise to issue a driver update for its graphics cards. The big news in the June .6 update is a new Windows Media Center Edition Video Conversion utility. This tool allows users to convert video content that is either recorded or available to Media Center Edition to formats such MPEG-2, MPEG-4 SP, MPEG-4/AVC and Windows Media. Apple's Ipod video and Sony PSP's are also supported, ATI said.

Besides the usual performance improvements of games (FarCry, Fear, Splinter Cell), version 6.6 also comes with support for TV tuner boards that integrate ATI's recently announced Theater 650 chip.

There is also a new Linux driver (version 8.26.18) that now offers hotplug support for digital flat panel displays as well as a power management feature that can reduce the clock speed of the graphics processor to prevent overheating.

The new drivers are available for download on ATI's website.