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Software - Page 114


What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - OCTOBER 9 12

Micro-blogging site Twitter is reportedly in licensing talks with both Microsoft and Google.

news - OCTOBER 8 30

Activision wanted more World War II. We're glad Infinity Ward didn't.

news - OCTOBER 8 15

Yup, still John Woo style.

news - OCTOBER 8 20

Web experts say that the huge phishing scam that saw the details of thousands of Hotmail users posted online is still spreading.

news - OCTOBER 8 25

GeoCities holds a special place in a lot of our hearts. For this reason, Yahoo! felt the need to remind us that soon, GeoCities will be no more.

news - OCTOBER 8 30

ABC, easy as 123...456789!

news - OCTOBER 7 42

Despite complaints from Microsoft's competitors it looks like the European Union is all but ready to approve the Redmond-based company's ballot screen proposal.

news - OCTOBER 7 18

A game series that will live in infamy.

reviews - OCTOBER 7 124

Windows 7's XP Mode has already convinced many users who sat out for Vista to go out and upgrade. But will they buy the right version of Windows 7 to get XPM? You do know you can get the same XP functionality...

news - OCTOBER 6 6

Suddenly, facial recognition software is everywhere.

news - OCTOBER 6 41

Gasp! Say it ain't so!

news - OCTOBER 6 45

Sometimes free just isn't free.

news - OCTOBER 6 43

And you thought only your drivers had to be signed.

news - OCTOBER 6 28

Crytek's Carl Jones said that the future of gaming will harbor massively multiplayer communities.

news - OCTOBER 5 20

The latest Flash runtime not only takes advantage of hardware acceleration, but will now infect smartphones and many other Internet-connected devices.

news - OCTOBER 5 22

It's here! You just can't buy it yet.

news - OCTOBER 3 166

Does free antivirus do just as good a job?

news - OCTOBER 2 28

That is, the site tells you about Windows 7 compatibility.

news - OCTOBER 2 49

A new generation of graphics... an old game.

news - OCTOBER 2 25

The upcoming Warcraft movie may be centered on Arthas Menethil's path to the dark side.

news - OCTOBER 2 17

Apple now has its own map. Does it still need Google?

news - OCTOBER 2 55

Would you like to see Megan Fox in this one too?

news - OCTOBER 2 38

Microsoft's Bing has seen slow but steady month over month growth since it launched this past summer. However, September saw Bing's share of the U.S. search market fall to 8.5 percent.

reviews - OCTOBER 2 68

Windows 7 has the buzz, and it’s a great operating system. But sometimes you need to run older software. Enter Windows XP Mode. But how does it compare to simply running XP in a virtual machine? We load up a...

news - OCTOBER 2 30

Windows 7 to load up to 56 percent faster than XP/Vista.

news - OCTOBER 2 14

Look for this sticker to find out if it's tested for Windows 7.