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Software - Page 12


What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - FEBRUARY 16 49

Many issues plaguing the iPhone 4S still aren't fixed with iOS 6.1.1.

news - FEBRUARY 15 105


news - FEBRUARY 15 6

After teasing us at CES 2013, Archos finally launched its Platinum line of tablets.

news - FEBRUARY 15 6

The video may have been fake, but the product seems to be the real deal.

news - FEBRUARY 15 56

The patch from announcement to finished product one if a confusing one for Aliens: Colonial Marines.

news - FEBRUARY 15 68

A dead PC could mean that hundreds of dollars spent on Office 2013 are out the window too.

news - FEBRUARY 15 21

It's another iPhone rumor. Yay.

news - FEBRUARY 14 42

Earnest Smith had his head edited on to a porn star's body.

news - FEBRUARY 14 23

Oh my. No Plan B? Are you nuts?

news - FEBRUARY 14 25

All projects are still a go despite who has or has not been fired, says Valve.

news - FEBRUARY 14 12

No surprise there: HP has chosen Android as the OS of choice for its upcoming tablet.

news - FEBRUARY 14 77

Blizzard wants Diablo 3 player to feel like they own their equipment, not renting them.

news - FEBRUARY 14 6

Amazon and Microsoft were slated to release branded smartphones by mid-2013, but those plans may have been delayed.

news - FEBRUARY 13 34

Steam Box controller designer Jeri Ellisworth was fired from Valve, and possibly 24 unconfirmed others.

news - FEBRUARY 13 10

Intel is launching its much-rumored Internet-based TV service in 2013.

news - FEBRUARY 12 14

This is a Surface marathon, not a sprint, the company said.

news - FEBRUARY 12 2

The company behind the Chromebook Pixel video is now in question.

news - FEBRUARY 12 43

Former Microsoft executive Joachim Kempin says Microsoft should focus on Facebook, not Apple.

news - FEBRUARY 12 14

Apple has released a patch that addresses 3G connectivity issues surrounding the iPhone 4S.

news - FEBRUARY 11 12

Patents related to with encoding and decoding digital video content.

news - FEBRUARY 11 27

Gabe Newell speaketh, and he commands that the PC will take over the living room in three tiers.

news - FEBRUARY 11 24

And the Unreal Engine 4 games slowly roll out...

news - FEBRUARY 9 30

When reading data, Micron SSD delivers speeds of 400 megabytes-per-second.

news - FEBRUARY 8 32

Intended for Mac and iDevice users

news - FEBRUARY 8 3

Check out Tom's Guide's latest story on Sony emulators!

news - FEBRUARY 8 7

Google has a puppy running around in the Chromium code.