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Software - Page 64


What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - OCTOBER 16 37

Google's web browser is continuing to attract users for its web browser at a fast pace.

news - OCTOBER 16 19

Opera's first hardware accelerated browser is available for download and provides a first impression how well Opera will perform in this category.

news - OCTOBER 15 35

All t's have been crossed and all i's are dotted.

news - OCTOBER 15 55

World of Warcraft junkies can now own a piece of the game's history.

news - OCTOBER 15 22

Canonical has released Ubuntu 11.10, code-named Oneiric Ocelot, for download.

news - OCTOBER 14 7

So far, WebGL has not had a mainstream application. While we knew that it could make graphics look much smoother on a screen, provided you use a browser that supports WebGL.

news - OCTOBER 14 74

Longtime colleague Rob Pike reports that the "father of the C programming language" died over the weekend at age 70.

news - OCTOBER 14 62

Backify is a new service that offers automatic cloud-based backup while also providing an additional "briefcase" for sharing files with friends and multiple devices.

news - OCTOBER 12 11

Microsoft has just released vulnerability data collected from its Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT), Bing, Windows Live Hotmail, Forefront and Defender during the first half of this year.

news - OCTOBER 12 73

EA has issued a statement in regards to an objective in Battlefield 3 that requires players to shoot police.

news - OCTOBER 12 25

A printed world map and the Xbox 360's manual for Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim have been scanned/photographed and uploaded.

news - OCTOBER 12 19

Opera is currently holding its Upnorthweb Conference in Oslo, Norway.

news - OCTOBER 11 40

Microsoft has launched a new marketing campaign promoting its web browser.

news - OCTOBER 11 16

BlueStacks has launched an Android app "player" that allows users to run Android-based apps within a Windows 7 environment.

news - OCTOBER 11 30

Google today introduced a preview of Dart, a class based programming language that the company hopes will be used for the development of web applications.

reviews - OCTOBER 11 114

Most of us are now fairly confident that our antivirus scanners are doing their main job of protecting our systems from malicious pests. But what are those scanners doing to system performance behind the...

news - OCTOBER 11 38

Monday BioWare confirmed that Mass Effect 3 will feature co-op multiplayer support.

news - OCTOBER 11 54

id Software released a patch for Rage Saturday night, right after John Carmack called the driver issues a real cluster !@#$.

news - OCTOBER 10 21

Google has released a cool Chrome app that allows one user to remotely control another user's computer.

news - OCTOBER 10 23

With Microsoft closing in on the final steps of its Skype acquisition, lets look at the reasons why they want Skype in the first place.

news - OCTOBER 8 20

In this segment, we cover forging, leveling up the Blacksmith, and using the auction house.

news - OCTOBER 8 15

A developer from Motorola Mobility has ported the 2Fort map from Team Fortress 2 over to WebGL.

news - OCTOBER 8 40

DICE launched the Battlefield 3 beta to make sure that it wouldn't crash and burn at launch -- they don't want a repeat of Battlefield 1942's launch.

news - OCTOBER 8 30

A new version of Canonical's Ubuntu Linux distribution will be released next week and feature support for ARM architecture.

news - OCTOBER 8 4

As passionate we are about cloud computing and its opportunities for the future, security remains a primary concern when pooled computing resources can expose potentially thousands of cloud users in a single...

news - OCTOBER 7 17

Crytek is looking into supporting Flash Player 11 in CryEngine, but it may not be the same solution used by Epic.