Engineer builds Self-Balanced, Motorized Unicycle

The Raptor does not sound intimidating and looks more like a rocking horse than a violent dinosaur, but its concept is fascinating, especially if you think about the fact that it was not funded by millions of dollars like Dean Kamen's Segway.

The device uses a 350 watt motor that is good for a safe top speed of 10 MPH, while an Arduino Uno micro controller is responsible for analyzing inertia data and process them in a program that was taken and modified from One Wheeled.

Thatcher said that the current battery life is about 90 to 120 minutes and the entire unicycle weights about 25 kg, or 55 lbs. He intends to increase the range of the device with a stronger battery in an evolutionary design of the Raptor.

A YouYube video indicates that the Raptor works, but may not be the most practical vehicle in the current design. With some visual modifications, a motorized unicycle may, however, be an attractive product for those among us who just don't like to walk.

Self Balancing Unicyle


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  • virtualban
    Now make it self aware and carrying a gun. Hurry, only a few days left till the 21st.
  • tipmen
    I can see these things all over Wal-Mart with overweight people riding them around taking up 8 foot isles. Only in America
  • virtualban
    Those kind of people would need 4 of them at once. Maybe with a rigid surface to distribute the weight. And if only there was a way to control all 4 of them at the same time...
    One can dream...