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Business Computing - Page 30


Business computing encompasses hardware from servers to business-oriented laptops, and software from cloud-based enterprise solutions to small office suites. Tom's Hardware has the reviews and news to keep your business relevant.

news - MARCH 21 19

The merged division will not be called the Printing and Personal Systems Group.

news - MARCH 21 46

There is a new startup that is developing a multicore architecture IP that promises up to 4,096 RISC processing cores on a single die.

news - MARCH 21 16

Sources claim that HP will announce its plans to merge its Imaging and Printing Group with its Personal Systems Group.

news - MARCH 20 50

That's one way to avoid raids.

news - MARCH 19 60

Company will start distributing dividends and buying back shares in the second half of this year.

news - MARCH 17 74

PC microprocessor sales climbed to $10.9 billion in the fourth quarter of last year, up 1.8 percent sequentially, and up 14.2 percent.

reviews - MARCH 16 62

AMD's new FirePro V3900 is the company's low-profile, entry-level workstation graphics card. It's priced to compete against Nvidia’s Quadro 400. Today we're putting it up against Nvidia’s Quadro 400 and...

news - MARCH 16 27

Removing printed toner on paper, similar to how we use an eraser to clear pencil writing, is not something entirely new, but there has never been a feasible approach for the mass market.

news - MARCH 15 27

A new broadband data consumption report released by IDC that concludes that there is a "ravenous appetite for online data" that "has some network administrators reaching for the Pepto-Bismol."

news - MARCH 14 4

The bankruptcy filing of Elpida may set the stage for a rebound of the DRAM industry.

news - MARCH 14 7

The HPC Advisory Council said that it is offering developers of high-performance computing applications an opportunity to test their software free of charge on Nvidia Tesla M2090 GPUs.

news - MARCH 13 14

Jimmy Wales named as an unpaid adviser to the Government.

news - MARCH 13 19

The popular software solution for remotely accessing computers now has a free plan, allowing for a single remote connection to a PC or Mac.

news - MARCH 12 22

Lantronix announced the xPico, which the company claims is the world's smallest embedded device server.

reviews - MARCH 9 10

We got our hands on one of Thecus' eight-bay N8800PRO storage appliances for the purpose of taking Open-E's Data Storage Software V6 out for a test drive. Read on as we set up, manage, and benchmark this...

news - MARCH 9 17

Lenovo is recalling 50,500 ThinkCentre M70z and M90z AIO desktops over a fire hazard issue.

reviews - MARCH 6 80

Intel's vaunted Sandy Bridge architecture has finally made its way to the company's dual- and quad-socket-capable Xeon processors. We got our hands on a pair of eight-core Xeon E5-2687W CPUs to compare against...

news - MARCH 6 28

There is a new agreement between AMD and GlobalFoundries that transfers AMD's remaining 8.8 percent ownership in the foundry to ATIC.

news - MARCH 6 27

GlobalFoundries has been chastised by AMD's new CEO Rory Read for the production problems that limited the availability of 32 nm processors.

news - MARCH 5 17

Intel has reserved $100 million for investments in hardware, software and services companies that are focused on in-vehicle applications.

news - MARCH 4 26

Expect the bankruptcy filing of Elpida to result in higher prices for DRAM in the second half of the year.

news - MARCH 3 52

Wonder how long that will take?

news - MARCH 2 13

Those waiting for something new and impressive from RIM will have to wait until BB10 arrives.

news - MARCH 2 24

Western Digital (WD) and Toshiba announced that the two companies have reached an agreement under which WD will sell certain 3.5-inch manufacturing and distribution assets.

news - MARCH 1 15

Adaptec today said that it will be demonstrating an interface capable of reaching a sustained data rate of 6600 MB/s.

news - MARCH 1 12

GlobalFoundries apparently has agreed to purchase DRAM maker ProMOS.