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Graphics - Page 60


Whether you're interested in games, CGI movies, or the latest hardware to push your pixels, Tom's Hardware provides you with the latest news in graphics.

news - JUNE 22 0

Nvidia today launched its next-generation graphics chip for gamers: The GeForce 7800 GTX, formerly code-named G70, offers more horsepower, more speed and at least temporarily takes the lead in the benchmark...

reviews - JUNE 21 0

The latest graphics card from Nvidia could be the performance king of the hill, at least for the next few weeks. The good news is that is available now.

reviews - JUNE 17 0

When it comes to converting camcorder or DVD video, it pays to look at the space-saving Divx format. We analyzed the new Divx version 6 in the THG Lab, and compared it to WMV 9 and MPEG-2.

news - JUNE 16 0

Nvidia recently lowered the price of its GeForce 6200 with TurboCache by US$15, according to sources at Taiwan graphics-card makers.

news - JUNE 14 0

ATI's fabrication partner, TSMC, has begun punching out graphics chips for the company that use 45° diagonal interconnections rather than the more common right-angled wiring pattern.

reviews - JUNE 13 0

Following up on their return to the graphics card market, Diamond expands their product line to include "XtremeTV" tuner products. Can they compete with industry giants like ATI?

news - JUNE 9 0

Graphics chip maker ATI put its unified driver model into the spotlight. Future versions will be issued separately for mobile graphics chips. Software improvements will also bring a jump in performance - up to...

news - JUNE 7 0

Higher than expected demand "towards the lower end" of the desktop and notebook discrete (standalone) market as well yield issues caused graphics chip maker ATI to slash its revenue forecast for the current...

news - JUNE 6 0

ATI today unveiled a new flagship of its Mobility Radeon graphics processor family. The 16-pipeline chip delivers performance on par with the X800 XT PE desktop chip, the manufacturer promises.

reviews - JUNE 4 0

Turtle Beach introduces a new line of video capture products: the Video Advantage series. Offering extra conveniences like a drive bay panel and FireWire controller, will the Video Advantage PCI convince you to...

reviews - JUNE 2 0

ATI has not taken NVIDIA's double graphics card SLI launch standing down. With CrossFire, ATI says it offers a dual-graphics card solution that lends more flexibility and offers more performance. But dare we...

news - JUNE 1 0

Graphics card makers in Taiwan have welcomed Infineon Technologies' plan to challenge the domination of Samsung Electronics and Hynix in the graphics DRAM market, expecting the competition to reduce their...

news - MAY 31 0

ATI catches up with Nvidia and offers gamers a platform to combine two graphics cards within one PC. "Crossfire" is on display at Computex and will be shipping in July.

news - MAY 26 0

If even two graphics cards in your PC are not enough, what about four? SLI typically is limited to two cards within one system, but sources told Tom's Hardware Guide that Gigabyte will soon offer a "Quad"...

reviews - MAY 24 0

Our latest VGA Chart compares 33 different graphics solutions, including Intel's integrated GMA900/i915G device and three SLI cards. Our test workup comprised no less than seven applications, three different...

news - MAY 20 0

Gigabyte appears to be on a roll these days with yet another dual-GPU graphics card knocking on our doors. The most recent model will be the flagship model of the 3D1 series and come with two GeForce 6800 GT...

news - MAY 19 0

ATI is believed to unveil its dual graphics card technology "Multi Video Processing" (MVP) at the Computex trade show later this month. According to sources, tier 1 motherboard manufacturers will offer products...

news - MAY 13 0

The dual-graphics solution SLI is becoming a visible growth factor for Nvidia: With almost one million units shipped, nForce SLI is aimed at every performance PC, the company said during its Q1 conference call....

news - MAY 12 0

Nvidia will unveil its next-generation flagship chip, the SLI-supporting G70 graphics chip, at the Computex Taipei 2005 show from May 31 to June 4, according to motherboard makers in Taiwan.

news - MAY 9 0

Nvidia recently placed additional orders for wafer starts at 0.14-micron for its AGP8x-based NV34 (FX5200) graphics chips at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), as demand in the entry-level...

news - MAY 6 0

Gigabyte announced a new addition to its product lineup.

news - MAY 6 0 published a report on ATI and its plans of introducing a dual-card support.

news - MAY 5 0

ATI follows Nvidia with the launch of its first commercially available graphics card that is equipped with 512 MByte memory. The company however chose to load the additional memory onto a mainstream card and...

reviews - MAY 5 0

ATI's new All In Wonder comes with almost every cable and connector imaginable. The card combines good performance with excellent video capturing capabilities. Is it worth considering if you are into multimedia...

news - APRIL 27 0

The graphic chip industry posted yet another strong quarter with a year over year increase in shipments of almost 41 percent.

news - APRIL 25 0

ATI's next-generation desktop graphics processor, R520, has already been claimed to have been scheduled for a June launch, but a leaked channel roadmap suggests we can expect to see the RV530 following not long...