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Graphics - Page 16


Whether you're interested in games, CGI movies, or the latest hardware to push your pixels, Tom's Hardware provides you with the latest news in graphics.

news - OCTOBER 8 25

Nvidia is handing out two Alienware M18x gaming notebooks during October and November.

news - OCTOBER 6 24

PowerColor has released their new Devil 13 HD6970 graphics card designed to fulfill the most demanding of HD titles.

news - OCTOBER 6 63

Bethesda is blaming RAGE's technical issues on drivers, but as seen in a forum post, it may be that many PCs just aren't built to handle id Tech 5's texture streaming.

news - OCTOBER 5 87

PC gamers are reporting technical issues with RAGE including intense screen-tearing, poor texture loading and more... not a good first impression with a new IP and engine.

news - OCTOBER 4 41

There may be some question as to why HTC would want to acquire S3 graphics.

news - SEPTEMBER 30 38

AMD reduced its revenue growth expectations for the third quarter by about 50 percent, stating that it has been affected by "manufacturing issues" at Globalfoundries.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 29 112

It’s about time that someone performed a meaningful comparison of 3D-enabled games using Nvidia’s 3D Vision and AMD’s HD3D. We put 18 different titles under the microscope to determine which technology...

news - SEPTEMBER 29 45

Zotac has revealed PCI and PCI Express x1 cards based on Nvidia's GeForce GT 520 GPU for upgrading older systems with DirectX 11 capabilities.

news - SEPTEMBER 27 22

AMD's new Catalyst 11.10 Preview driver is optimized for the Battlefield 3 Open Beta for Radeon HD 6000 and Radeon HD 5000 Series GPUs.

news - SEPTEMBER 27 22

AMD is expanding its GPU product line in the embedded space.

news - SEPTEMBER 26 37

Nvidia's new set of beta drivers is optimized for the Battlefield 3 beta launching tomorrow.

news - SEPTEMBER 24 11

AMD's Products Group General Manager Rick Bergman has resigned. Meanwhile, former Comcast senior vice president of engineering Paul Struhsaker has signed on with AMD's new commercial business division.

news - SEPTEMBER 22 78

PC gaming is dead? Not so fast...

news - SEPTEMBER 22 24

Gartner is concerned about high levels of inventory in the chip industry.

news - SEPTEMBER 20 20

IBM was granted a patent that describes technology that integrates graphics rendering on a network on chip (NOC) device.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 16 71

A flagship graphics launch is bound to fail unless it's the fastest game in town. Well, both AMD and Nvidia say their respective juggernauts have that title. Clearly, only one company can be right. Is the...

news - SEPTEMBER 14 16

This adapter will pump desktop or laptop graphics across a USB 3.0 interface to an HDMI-ready display.

news - SEPTEMBER 14 118

AMD is set to launch its next-generation graphic processors this coming fall and it is shaping up to be more than expected with use of XDR2 memory interface.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 14 58

This month we're talking about the disappearance of Nvidia's GeForce GT 240 and GeForce GTX 460 graphics cards. Additionally, we consider the implications of our micro-stuttering investigation on the dual-card...

news - SEPTEMBER 9 35

The A4-3300 and the A4-3400 APUs for desktops are now available, starting at a mere $70 USD.

news - SEPTEMBER 8 75

MSI calls out Gigabyte on its claims of having 40 PCIe Gen3 ready motherboards and wants to set the story straight.

news - SEPTEMBER 8 22

Nvidia's CEO this week talked about the company's primary focus on its Tegra processor and the mobile sector, and said that companies without a mobile strategy are in "deep turd." Mmm tasty.

news - SEPTEMBER 7 34

MSI has launched two new gaming laptops sporting Nvidia's GeForce GTX 570M GPU.

news - SEPTEMBER 7 77

MSI's Dust Removal tech has the GPU fan spinning in the opposite direction for thirty seconds to blow off the accumulated dust.

news - SEPTEMBER 6 25

A missing .htaccess file granted clever surfers access to 1.7 million game keys for DiRT3 on Steam.

news - SEPTEMBER 1 80

Newly-appointed AMD CEO Rory Read recently told employees that the company needs to become a predator.