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Software - Page 39


What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - AUGUST 10 10

BBC reportedly having a tough time with US cable companies.

news - AUGUST 10 22

Square Enix is offering full refunds and a free copy of FF7 to anyone who downloaded the game in error.

news - AUGUST 10 17

The Ouya Android console will come packed with support for XBMC, iHeartRadio, VEVO and TuneIn Radio.

news - AUGUST 10 56

The new name for its Windows 8 UI is....

news - AUGUST 9 6

You can now download classics like Night of the Living Dead and Plan 9 From Outer Space via BitTorrent from the Internet Archive.

news - AUGUST 9 26

Putting user privacy first.

news - AUGUST 9 23

Lenovo takes the cover off its Windows 8 slate offering.

news - AUGUST 9 13

Google is testing a new feature that will pull up Gmail information in search results.

news - AUGUST 9 14

Looks like Microsoft is having a hard time keeping a lid on its new operating system.

news - AUGUST 9 5

Connectify is working on a new solution that combines all local networks, increasing speed and reliability.

news - AUGUST 9 23

Protect yourself from hacks before it's too late.

news - AUGUST 9 18

Windows Essentials 2012 takes advantage of Windows 8 advancements.

news - AUGUST 9 34

Your favorite built-in games will be filed under Xbox Windows with the release of Windows 8.

news - AUGUST 9 13

Ex-Monolith Productions Jace Hall wants to revive Blood.

news - AUGUST 8 20

Amazon and Apple are both working to fix weak points that made it easier for a hacker to attack Wired reporter Mat Honan.

news - AUGUST 8 35

Valve Software has announced that it will start offering non-gaming Software titles starting September.

news - AUGUST 8 28

PC gamers can now pre-purchase Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Steam.

news - AUGUST 8 65

Microsoft's Windows 8 box art receives an upgrade and a more abstract feel to its design.

news - AUGUST 8 49

WishboneTheDog claims he's made over $10,000 USD in Diablo 3's real-money auction house.

news - AUGUST 8 15

It's a dream come true for Dean Hall as his successful zombie mod becomes a standalone title.

news - AUGUST 8 13

EverQuest 2 gamers can now add their own facial expressions and voice to their avatar in real-time.

news - AUGUST 8 5

Khronos today released the latest specification updates for OpenGL and Open GL ES.

news - AUGUST 8 82

We all learn that our technology tastes will, at some point, stay somewhat the same.

news - AUGUST 7 36

Despite what developers say, used games sales is good for the industry.

news - AUGUST 7 42

This might explain why Valve's been holding back on Half-Life 3.

news - AUGUST 7 27

RIM may not get back to the levels it was at two years ago, says Sprint.