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Notebooks - Page 27


Notebooks remain essential to gamers and professionals on the go. Although they’ve been around forever, the technology you find inside changes on an almost daily basis. Learn about the latest in mobile computing from a trusted source.

news - FEBRUARY 23 18

Lenovo today updated its ThinkPad series giving the laptop line a sleek new look and Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge chips.

news - FEBRUARY 23 3

Perhaps we won't have to wait until summer, after all?

reviews - FEBRUARY 23 25

Wherever you go, the name Sony always attracts attention. It’s the brand most associated with quality audio, rich video, and true fidelity.

news - FEBRUARY 19 7

A little more information on Dell's upcoming business tablet has just trickled out.

news - FEBRUARY 18 30

If seeing Dell’s leaked smartphone and tablet roadmap for the next year or so doesn’t do it for you, there’s another leak floating around that might grab your interest...

news - FEBRUARY 18 28

Smartphones have outsold PCs for the first time ever.

news - FEBRUARY 18 4

Looking for a premium PC laptop? This could be the one.

news - FEBRUARY 17 1

Tablets are all the rage these days, but what if you wanted a device that can do it all as both a laptop, tablet, and a full PC's power with a hardware keyboard? Then you may want this.

news - FEBRUARY 15 12

Portable gaming for the hardcore PC gamer.

reviews - FEBRUARY 15 24

Using the latest advances from Intel and Nvidia, MALIBAL attempts to prove that portability and performance are no longer mutually exclusive. Can a fully-loaded Lotus P150HM meet the needs of performance...

reviews - FEBRUARY 14 30

We've seen mini SSDs before. But none of them conformed to a standard. Now, Intel is introducing its SSD 310-series drives and the mSATA interface, which employs the mini-PCI Express edge connector, but is not...

news - FEBRUARY 12 8

Get a GPU + PSU bundle

news - FEBRUARY 10 12

HP's webOS will appear on desktops and laptops by the end of 2011.

news - FEBRUARY 10 5

Calling the TouchPad the successor to the Foleo is somewhat an insult for the tablet. But, if you think about it, the Touchpad is exactly what the Foleo should have been.

reviews - FEBRUARY 9 59

We've already seen Intel's Sandy Bridge architecture offer compelling performance gains on the desktop. But can the fastest second-gen Core i7 beat Intel's 130 W desktop-oriented six-core Core i7-980X in games?...

news - FEBRUARY 4 69

Some say perception is everything and perception can be something very different when you work for a company or if you are simply a customer.

news - FEBRUARY 2 18

The deals are back!

reviews - JANUARY 31 42

AMD’s Mobility Radeon HD 6970 in CrossFire mode forges ahead in mobile gaming with stunning “Full HD” 3D performance. But can it stand up to Nvidia’s high-end GeForce GTX 470M and 480M in SLI? Eurocom's...

news - JANUARY 29 18

The lid of this laptop "shimmers" from turquoise to deep blue to purple thanks to nano-technology.

reviews - JANUARY 28 71

We were impressed with Sandy Bridge's performance on the desktop, but how does it behave in a notebook? Today we break down performance, including surprising power consumption results. The new Core i7s even use...

news - JANUARY 26 23

The latest innovation in snazziness.

news - JANUARY 25 16

The world's most powerful 15-inch notebook will likely carry a heft pricetag.

news - JANUARY 20 4

AVADirect is integrating Intel's Sandy Bridge platform into its portfolio of desktops and notebooks.

news - JANUARY 20 66

Apple’s revenue was not the only thing discussed during yesterday’s earnings call. During the Q&A, COO Tim Cook took the time to talk about the iPad’s Android OS- and Windows-based competitors.

reviews - JANUARY 20 27

XoticPC offers gaming notebook buyers an alternative to the boring and heavy Clevo-based units sold by most of its competitors. Asus’ hefty (but not grotesquely-so) G73JW is the starting point for the custom...

news - JANUARY 19 3

Acer has stated that it will not be phasing out netbooks, as suggested by one of its Taiwanese executives.