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Graphics - Page 12


Whether you're interested in games, CGI movies, or the latest hardware to push your pixels, Tom's Hardware provides you with the latest news in graphics.

news - FEBRUARY 22 51

With the launch of both the HD 7900 and HD 7700 series, AMD is expected to release its HD 7800 series GPUs in March. Today, we get our first peek at the specifications of the HD 7850 and HD 7870.

news - FEBRUARY 21 41

Origin PC claims its EON17-X3D is the world's first laptop to sport two graphics cards in SLI mode.

news - FEBRUARY 17 23

Nvidia's stock had a rocky start on Thursday, as shares fell more than 5 percent following the company's announcement that fourth quarter profit had declined by 17 percent.

news - FEBRUARY 15 38

In a recently leaked roadmap on AMD's desktop product lineup in 2012, Trinity is set for the second quarter 2012.

reviews - FEBRUARY 15 158

These are the lowest-end cards built using AMD's new Graphics Core Next architecture. Is 28 nm manufacturing, a fresh design, and new functionality enough to warrant upgrading existing value-oriented champs...

news - FEBRUARY 14 25

Eric Demers waves goodbye to AMD.

news - FEBRUARY 14 63

Intel Haswell's iGPU set to support DirectX 11.1, OpenGL 3.2 and OpenCL 1.2

news - FEBRUARY 14 66

Nvidia's Kepler goes big with its 1536 CUDA cores, a vast improvement over the Fermi's 512 CUDA cores.

news - FEBRUARY 14 70

The "Samaritan" Unreal Engine 3 demo required 2.5 teraFLOPS to run, ten times that of the current Xbox 360's capabilities.

news - FEBRUARY 10 50

With AMD reportedly set to release its Radeon HD 7700 series next week, we get our first peek at the specifications of the HD 7770 and HD 7750.

news - FEBRUARY 10 49

Researchers have managed to get CPUs and GPUs on a single chip to work together more efficiently and boost performance.

news - FEBRUARY 9 30

AMD has announced the launch of its new FirePro V3900 professional graphics card.

news - FEBRUARY 9 31

Rambus and Nvidia have settled their patent dispute.

news - FEBRUARY 7 116

Leaked information has appeared on the internet with first detailed information on the upcoming Nvidia Kepler (GeForce 600) series graphics cards, which are set to release in April/May time frame.

reviews - FEBRUARY 2 43

We've been waiting on AMD's Financial Analyst Day for more information on how the company plans to approach new and current businesses moving forward. Ahead of the big event, AMD pre-briefed us on the news.

news - FEBRUARY 2 46

In a leaked slide, we may have a reasonable picture of the pending launch dates for the Radeon HD 7000 series GPUs.

reviews - FEBRUARY 2 40

We've been bugging AMD for years now, literally: show us what GPU-accelerated software can do. Finally, the company is ready to put us in touch with ISVs in nine different segments to demonstrate how its...

news - FEBRUARY 1 20

Shiny, new drivers for your Radeon HD GPU.

reviews - JANUARY 31 150

Is the Radeon HD 7970's $550 asking price too high? AMD now has a less expensive derivative based on the same GCN architecture. At its default clock rates, it's fast enough to outrun Nvidia's GeForce GTX 580 in...

news - JANUARY 30 49

Since you can't even play 4K video on any PC, most of us would not automatically come up with an idea to edit 12-megapixel resolution video on a Macbook Air.

news - JANUARY 28 16

Nvidia just released CUDA 4.1 Toolkit, which integrates, for the first time, the company's LLVM (Low Level Virtual Machine) compiler.

news - JANUARY 26 32

The Raspberry PI will supposedly outperform the new iPhone 4S across a range of content.

news - JANUARY 25 48

Hardware manufacturers continue to feel the effects of the 2011 Thai floods.

reviews - JANUARY 23 85

We’ve been more than outspoken about the naming AMD and Nvidia use for their mobile GPUs. Are they really trying to mislead buyers, though? We briefly examine their methodology and frame that against the...

news - JANUARY 22 55

A new study released by the National Science Board (NSB) of the National Science Foundation (NSF) raises concerns about the global leadership of the U.S. in Science and Technology investments. The report also...

reviews - JANUARY 19 40

We were foiled in our quest to find the best vendor-provided GPU cooler for Nvidia's GeForce GTX 560. But out of the ashes sprung a round-up of cards armed with those very same solutions. Which of these five...