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Notebooks - Page 17


Notebooks remain essential to gamers and professionals on the go. Although they’ve been around forever, the technology you find inside changes on an almost daily basis. Learn about the latest in mobile computing from a trusted source.

news - APRIL 23 29

With the desktop Ivy Bridge CPUs set to release on April 23, we get more information on another laptop based on the Ivy Bridge mobile CPU, which is set for pre-order.

news - APRIL 20 53

Apple has lost a court case relating to an alleged defective Nvidia GPU.

news - APRIL 19 99

Intel foresees ultra-dense resolutions coming to a wide-range of mainstream displays by the year 2013.

news - APRIL 18 35

Who needs Siri when you can have the eMate personal digital assistant for the low price of eight and a half thousand dollars?

news - APRIL 18 5

Looks likes Lenovo's Chief River offerings will be arriving in about seven weeks' time.

news - APRIL 18 19

Intel's "Letexo" Ultrabook hybrid will probably cost around $1000 when it hits the market.

news - APRIL 18 48

Though no official announcement, the Alienware M18X R2 gaming laptop specs have been leaked.

news - APRIL 17 31

Apple's Apple II, widely considered to have been Apple's first significant product, is celebrating its 35th birthday today.

news - APRIL 17 5

Microsoft is reportedly requiring hardware specifics when creating a touch-based Windows 8 Ultrabook.

news - APRIL 15 19

This hybris Ultrabook prototype slides into a tablet and an all-in-one PC.

news - APRIL 12 20

Need more mobile storage space? Western Digital's new 7 mm Scorpio Blue hard drive can now fit inside your Ultrabook.

news - APRIL 12 34

There is still a big vision behind the One Laptop per Child initiative - a vision that promises educational improvements in countries where children do not usually have access to computers.

news - APRIL 12 23

Intel is ramping up its Ultrabook marketing campaign.

news - APRIL 11 11

Acer announced a new, compact pico projector designed as a travel companion.

news - APRIL 8 35

They had computers in the wild west, apparently.

news - APRIL 7 69

Intel has recently conducted a study to find out if people really want laptops with touchscreens.

news - APRIL 6 108

There's a Flashback botnet consisting of 600,000 Apple Macs, some of which reside in Apple's hometown.

news - APRIL 5 23

Is Intel flip-flopping on its tablet tune? I can still remember very well a concerned CEO Paul Otellini who promised that Intel would catch up on smartphones and especially tablets.

reviews - APRIL 5 47

When Qualcomm bought Bigfoot Networks, maker of the famed Killer Ethernet adapters, we wondered if Qualcomm was right in the head. Could Bigfoot's enhancements possibly translate into benefits in the world of...

news - APRIL 4 39

Get ready to be bombarded with commercials and print ads promoting Intel's Ultrabook form factor.

news - APRIL 3 28

Qualcomm plans to take on Intel's Ultrabook and AMD's "Ultra Thin" with a new quad-core S4 chip packed into a new notebook form factor.

news - MARCH 27 7

Google's upcoming "Daisy" Chromebook will reportedly use Samsung's ARM-based Exynos 5250 SoC.

news - MARCH 26 102

About a decade ago, the PC was believed to be well on its way to become the digital hub that enables our digital lifestyle and connects multiple devices, content and entertainment applications.

news - MARCH 24 37

Ever wanted to know how batteries work? You should. They power your laptop and all your mobile devices.

news - MARCH 22 49

An Apple a day? Not at Microsoft.

news - MARCH 21 24

HP Thailand apparently leaked some information about upcoming notebooks that can be purchased with Intel Ivy Bridge and AMD Trinity processors.