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Build Your Own - Page 23


If you ever plan to build your own PC, Tom's Hardware’s System Builder Marathon is a must-read. Our editorial team builds, tests, and evaluates PC systems at varying costs, using the components that we think maximize value. These components include motherboards, cooling devices, CPU platforms, chipsets, memory, cases, hard drives, networking and graphics cards and power supplies. For each build, we include performance benchmarks that include 3D games, audio and video compression, graphic design, image manipulation, and video editing. Our testing includes each configuration in its stock form and overclocked. Feel free to build along with us or watch patiently from the sidelines, because, remember—each of these systems are given away at the end of the marathon (don’t forget to enter!).

news - JULY 2 24

AMD has updated its Catalyst graphics driver suite to version 12.6.

news - JUNE 25 16

Unity has announced version 4 of its cross platform game development engine.

news - JUNE 24 72

Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories claim to have developed, by today's standards, an insanely efficient CPU cooler fan.

news - JUNE 23 23

Futuremark has released a video of the next version of its benchmarking utility due out later this year.

news - JUNE 22 15

Nvidia has released a patch to enable PCIe 3.0 support on the X79 platform for its GeForce GTX 600-series cards.

news - JUNE 20 3

Akasa was showing off some of its goods at Computex.

news - JUNE 19 16

Nvidia released its GeForce 304.48 Beta driver with game-specific performance improvements, and fixes for bugs related to recently launched hardware.

news - JUNE 19 10

Prolimatech has launched the Black Series of its Genesis CPU heatsink.

news - JUNE 18 17

You should have invested in an Apple 1 when they were still affordable.

news - JUNE 18 28

Researchers at Harvard University claim to have invented a unique coating for materials that can entirely prevent ice formation on metal surfaces.

news - JUNE 15 18

We will file this item under 'Why has this taken so long?'

news - JUNE 15 33

Logitech announces its new G600 MMO Gaming Mouse, part of its G-Series gaming lineup.

news - JUNE 13 3

We're live here in Bellevue, WA bringing you live updates of the latest from AMD and its partners.

news - JUNE 12 9

Live from Bellevue, Washington at AFDS 2012.

news - JUNE 12 12

Company unveiled eight new motherboards as part of new PURO HI-FI line.

news - JUNE 12 15

ECS brought a new card and two of its recently announced motherboards to the Computex show floor.

news - JUNE 11 1

Taiwanese peripheral maker Sunix has unveiled what it calls the "ultimate" Thunderbolt docking station.

news - JUNE 11 29

Sapphire demonstrates its new, passively cooled HD 7770 Ultimate graphics card at Computex.

news - JUNE 10 41

Better than reference, says Sapphire.

news - JUNE 10 14

MSI's at Computex and we see what they have to share.

news - JUNE 10 26

Thermaltake showcased a custom Iron Man case mod this week during Computex.

news - JUNE 9 19

Yes, the Turbo button is back and it's on your PSU.

news - JUNE 9 38

If you're a fan of Asus boards, check this out.

news - JUNE 9 83

A quintuplet of fans.

news - JUNE 9 26

Corsair has taken the AX1200 PSU to the next level with its introduction of the AX1200i Digital ATX PSU at Computex 2012.