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Notebooks - Page 11


Notebooks remain essential to gamers and professionals on the go. Although they’ve been around forever, the technology you find inside changes on an almost daily basis. Learn about the latest in mobile computing from a trusted source.

news - OCTOBER 23 0

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news - OCTOBER 23 19

The rumors about a new 13-inch MarcBook were true!

news - OCTOBER 23 7

Gigabyte is launching a Windows 8 slate and a convertible Ultrabook sometime after the OS launches this Friday.

news - OCTOBER 23 1

We are still waiting for signs that Windows 8 will push PC shipments and sales, but the latest news coming out of Taiwan suggests reason for concern.

news - OCTOBER 23 16

Imagine yourself playing a game on a notebook but without the keyboard. How could you take advantage of gadgets such as an accelerometer and a gyroscope? Here is one idea.

news - OCTOBER 22 19

Laptop said to be priced $500 below 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro model.

news - OCTOBER 22 6

Already on sale via and others.

news - OCTOBER 22 5

Fujitsu has introduced four new Windows 8 devices, one of which is the company's first hybrid tablet.

news - OCTOBER 19 0

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news - OCTOBER 19 6

Would you like 3G with that?

news - OCTOBER 18 26

Analysts aren't too keen on the Samsung-developed Chromebook.

news - OCTOBER 18 39

Microsoft's newest video lets us get to know the Surface a little bit better.

news - OCTOBER 17 10

Patriot Memory is shipping Ultrabook memory modules later this month.

news - OCTOBER 17 27

That's an interesting mod.

news - OCTOBER 16 18

High-end tablet will be available for a cool $1,199.99.

news - OCTOBER 16 27

It's all about the click, don't you know?

news - OCTOBER 16 3

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news - OCTOBER 16 15

Seven days and counting.

news - OCTOBER 16 81

One analyst traveled across Asia and discovered an overwhelming negative outlook of Windows 8.

news - OCTOBER 16 2

Internet-connected TVs are expected to help drive Wi-Fi device growth four-fold by 2017.

news - OCTOBER 15 12

Padfone 2 is a smartphone that can be turned into a tablet.

news - OCTOBER 15 18

"High-profile U.S. retailer" says the laptop will launch alongside the iPad Mini.

news - OCTOBER 14 25

CyberPower released a new gaming laptop with the dramatic name "Fang Taipan".

news - OCTOBER 14 17

Sony has revealed its new Windows 8-ready devices including a new "Mobile Tabletop" PC and a hybrid Ultrabook.

news - OCTOBER 14 16

Panasonic has upgraded its Toughbook with Intel's Ivy Bridge processors.

news - OCTOBER 13 16

Dell is getting in early and opening up pre-orders for its Windows 8 machines.