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Processors - Page 30


Today's desktop processors continue to push the performance envelope, while in the mobile space low-cost and high-efficiency processors take us ever closer to ubiquitous computing. From reviews to benchmarks, on desktops to smartphones, Tom's Hardware has the processor information you need.

news - MAY 4 97

Moore's Law continues.

news - MAY 4 31

Will Apple's iOS devices also have bits of Intel inside?

news - MAY 4 67

Just another 100MHz.

news - MAY 4 55

Apple has announced a refresh for its iMac line, adding in support for Intel’s Thunderbolt technology and next generation quad-core CPUs.

news - MAY 3 54

June will be a busy month for AMD according to a leaked schedule.

reviews - MAY 3 44

We've already seen Sandy Bridge impress in the desktop space. Does Intel's latest processor architecture have what it takes to dominate the single-socket server and workstation space, too? We run the fastest...

news - MAY 2 53

As the title indicates, AMD's Llano line of APUs will feature an embedded GPU with the AMD Radeon SKU of HD 6550

news - MAY 2 31

Are netbooks slowly fading away? Microsoft mentioned during its quarterly earnings call that the overall PC market contracted by about 8% in the first quarter of year, which was at least in part driven by a...

news - APRIL 29 43

Although ARM thinks it can talk AMD out of using x86, the nation's second largest CPU giant says there are no plans to license ARM's technology.

news - APRIL 29 75

If there has ever been a company that should be acquired, it is British chip designer ARM. AMD would be an amazing fit.

reviews - APRIL 29 43

April is relatively quiet on the processing front. However, we know AMD recently started shipping its new Fusion-based Llano CPUs to customers, so we may be on the cusp of significant changes to the market....

news - APRIL 29 78

Qualcomm has said its next Snapdragon processors will bring console-quality gaming to mobile devices

news - APRIL 26 55

AMD will be holding its first software developers conference, the AMD Fusion Developer Summit, from June 13 to 16.

news - APRIL 21 22

Intel has reported another record financial quarter for the first quarter of 2011.

news - APRIL 21 26

It's a virtual machine performing inside of a virtual machine. Excellent.

news - APRIL 20 55

Intel's CEO Paul Otellini attracted some interest during yesterday's earnings conference call when he told analysts that the next generation of 22 nm of processors will feature a "revolutionary" process...

news - APRIL 20 28

That's quite a punch your phone is packing...

news - APRIL 20 62

There are countless ways of multiplying two numbers such as 15 * 15.

news - APRIL 19 15

After all this talk of the Tegra 2-powered Transformer, Asus is also working on an Intel-based tablet.

news - APRIL 15 24

The Galaxy S2 has landed and it is kicking some ass in the benchmarking department.

news - APRIL 14 49

E-series to be the new X?

reviews - APRIL 14 92

Low-power PC platforms are obviously not built for gaming, but we punish two AMD and Intel systems with popular 3D titles anyway. The results don't shock and awe, but sometimes pleasantly surprise.

news - APRIL 14 33

AMD has said that upcoming chipsets will feature support for USB 3.0, otherwise known as SuperSpeed USB.

news - APRIL 13 19

Intel has another tablet processor cooking in its labs.

news - APRIL 13 21

Too little too late?

news - APRIL 12 28

Get ready for some really fast radios.