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Notebooks - Page 25


Notebooks remain essential to gamers and professionals on the go. Although they’ve been around forever, the technology you find inside changes on an almost daily basis. Learn about the latest in mobile computing from a trusted source.

news - MAY 31 16

MSI's new gaming laptop is one of the first to host the GeForce GTX 560M GPU.

news - MAY 31 37

Intel plans for an entire legion of MacBook Air-like laptops by 2013.

news - MAY 28 31

Asus is planning a big week for Computex 2011.

news - MAY 27 102

The fastest computer on the planet, if you don't compare it against faster computers.

news - MAY 19 49

Spend $700 on a Windows 7 PC, get a shiny new Xbox 360 (4 GB) console for free. Not a bad deal.

news - MAY 18 19

The PC's answer to the MacBook Air, but with a new-gen CPU.

news - MAY 16 1

Deals of the day!

news - MAY 13 24

Google this week announced an interesting deal for students and businesses looking at its new Chromebooks as computing options.

news - MAY 12 42

It's girlfriend proof.

news - MAY 12 21

Day two of Google I/O has brought us two new Chrome OS laptops.

news - MAY 12 12

Samsung revealed a solar-powered netbook during the Africa Regional Forum in Nairobi.

news - MAY 6 34

Acer will continue to manufacture netbooks despite the current tablet craze, betting on their low price point.

news - MAY 4 32

A lawsuit filed today against rent-to-own chain Aaron's claims its computers are storing keystrokes, taking videos and capturing desktop screens.

news - MAY 3 12

Another Chrome OS notebook/netbook has reared its head in the Chromium bug reports.

news - APRIL 28 15

After revealing its two new tablets, Sony showcased an upcoming VAIO tablet and notebook.

news - APRIL 27 6

Acer's unannounced ZGB notebook has appeared in Chrome OS bug reports, revealing a few specs.

news - APRIL 27 20

Into the tablet game.

news - APRIL 27 31

Following its UK debut, the Asus EeePad Transformer has finally made its way across the pond and landed in the U.S. And, judging by initial sales, it would seem the device is in pretty high demand.

news - APRIL 26 14

Will this be more attractive to businesses than the PlayBook?

news - APRIL 26 44

Slim means no replaceable battery.

news - APRIL 23 32

Google may offer Chrome OS notebooks at a subsidized price with an additional monthly charge.

news - APRIL 19 15

After all this talk of the Tegra 2-powered Transformer, Asus is also working on an Intel-based tablet.

news - APRIL 15 35

Who needs Honeycomb or iOS when you can have a full-blown copy of Windows 7 on a tablet?

news - APRIL 15 37

PC manufacturers experienced the first decline in overall PC shipments in the first quarter since the most recent recession.

news - APRIL 14 27

The Switchblade is no longer just an impressive-looking concept.

news - APRIL 11 0

Computer deals here!