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Storage - Page 44


Whether you're looking for a safe way to store and share your family photos, or high-speed access for mission-critical data, or something in between, we can provide you with the information and benchmarks to find a storage solution for your needs.

reviews - MARCH 20 11

Do you want a flash SSD drive with additional USB connectivity, a portable dual-drive 2.5” RAID solution, or external flash storage? We looked at these sorts of solutions to help you make a more informed...

news - MARCH 19 15

Super Talent has unveiled its UltraDrive series of SSDs.

news - MARCH 18 11

The 256 GB Samsung PB22-J Solid State Drive (SSD) is not only attractive on the outside, but also attractive on the inside.

news - MARCH 17 5

While we were testing a pile of new SSDs we found two models that were particularly interesting - in a questionable manner. The company called Solidata provides two high performance SSDs called the X1 at 64 GB...

news - MARCH 16 7

Admit it, you want a solid state drive. The only thing stopping you is the price, which is understandable -- but Samsung says that won’t be a concern within a few years.

news - MARCH 16 2

Mushkin, best known for its high-performance computer memory modules, has entered into the SSD foray with the release of its new SSD-series called "Europe"

news - MARCH 16 4

Freecom just released its new 2.5-inch ToughDrive Sport external hard drive that supposedly endures "even the toughest conditions." But is the thing kid-tested?

picture story - MARCH 16 39

Last month, we took you on a tour of Intel's closely guarded Hawthorn facility, where its motherboards are refined. We returned this month with camera in hand to walk down memory lane at some of the company's...

picture story - MARCH 14 5

With the hype surrounding Windows 7, people are paying close attention to each new build of the operating system in-the-making. The latest build is is 7048 and the changes just keep coming-- especially when...

news - MARCH 13 9

Not to be outdone by the impending release of OCZ’s high-performance Vertex series of solid-state drives, A-DATA has announced a new 256 GB SSD that features the same 64 MB of internal cache as OCZ’s...

news - MARCH 12 22

Fusion-io wowed us with its first ioDrive last year. Now, its ioDrive Duo is bringing increased capacity and unsurpassed speed to the storage world.

reviews - MARCH 12 26

Processor speed matters. We found that a fast solid state disk drive, such as Intel’s X25-E, can be greatly impaired by a system running with all of its CPU’s power saving features turned on. Surprised?...

news - MARCH 11 15

Just when you thought 1 TB hard disk drives were getting a little cramped, Samsung today announced its efficient 1.5 TB drive.

news - MARCH 10 6

Patriot's latest solid-state drive is the third generation of products in its Warp line of SSDs. But a convenient add-on bundled with the 256 GB SSD borrows a page--and design flaw--from Western Digital's first...

news - MARCH 10 68

By now, the Internet has been abuzz with a new marketing video from Samsung. In it, a group of intrepid Samsung marketers take the company's new 256 GB solid-state drive and hook it up to 23 of its closest...

picture story - MARCH 10 38

Ideal server storage provides a maximum number of I/O operations per second while having low power requirements. We compared the ioDrive by Fusion-io to Intel’s new X25-E flash SSD, hoping to crown a...

news - MARCH 9 29

While at the Everything Channel Xchange Conference in New Orleans, Seagate is showing off a new 6 Gbps SATA 3 hard drive.

news - MARCH 6 21

A one-terabyte solid-state drive? That sounds almost as crazy as the device's boasted speeds--600 MB/sec reads and 500 MB/sec writes. A Belgian Web site was able to get its hands (and benchmarks) on OCZ's...

news - MARCH 6 14

Fusion-io has joined forces with Hewlett-Packard to create the HP StorageWorks IO Accelerator, using Fusion-io's ioMemory technology for BladeSystem c-Class servers.

news - MARCH 6 11

A-DATA unveiled its new consumer solid-state drive, packing in a whopping 500GB in an itty-bitty 2.5" space.

reviews - MARCH 5 103

Do you think that flash SSDs will take over the enterprise HDD segment soon? Not so fast! We looked at how hard drive I/O performance can be improved by shortening mechanical activity, via a process called...

news - MARCH 5 1

When you're going to use a new solid-state drive, you can expect to hook it up to your computer one of two ways: USB or eSATA. But new hybrid SSDs from Buffalo and Transcend pack both connections into a single...

news - MARCH 5 21

OCZ was demonstrating its new Z Drive with 1 TB of storage at CeBIT 2009 this week

news - MARCH 3 4

Sunday Transcend Information revealed a swank looking portable hard drive that might actually take a kicking and keep on ticking.

news - MARCH 3 17

Fudzilla is reporting that OCZ's Vertex series of solid-state drives has started shipping. These SSDs, complete with a 64MB on-board cache, are rumored to rival the very best of Intel's solid-state technology.

picture story - FEBRUARY 28 12

Make a 3-core Phenom II a 4 Core! Sony's PlayStation sores; Windows 7 Updates. Don't miss this week's hot news. Check out our weekend wrap-up.