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Storage - Page 30


Whether you're looking for a safe way to store and share your family photos, or high-speed access for mission-critical data, or something in between, we can provide you with the information and benchmarks to find a storage solution for your needs.

news - NOVEMBER 1 46

Say hello to a 25nm SSD.

news - OCTOBER 30 104

Seagate's placing bets that people still want big, capacious HDDs, not just pure SSD speed.

news - OCTOBER 29 38

This software for Asus motherboards creates a virtual drive on a 3 TB HDD that can be used in Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

news - OCTOBER 28 44

Users can boot their PC using OCZ's new 2nd-generation RevoDrive.

news - OCTOBER 28 26

Buffalo and Pioneer are launching BDXL burners in Japan next month.

news - OCTOBER 28 9

This "media hub" can only be purchased locally at Best Buy.

reviews - OCTOBER 27 45

Slowly but surely, hard drives with 4 KB sectors are replacing the "legacy" 512 byte sector size. By January 2011, all drive vendors will have made this transition. Buyers of new PCs are safe, but there are...

reviews - OCTOBER 23 4

There is more than one way to skin a cat. Several hard drive vendors have created transitional products to simplify the transition from 3.5" disks to more compact 2.5" devices in SMB-class servers. We cover...

news - OCTOBER 22 96

Better too much storage space than not enough?

news - OCTOBER 20 12

This new backup service gathers the goods via a mail-in HDD.

news - OCTOBER 19 55

Although Windows 7 and Vista can support capacities over 2.19 TB, a special PCI Express card will be bundled with the new 3 TB and 2.5 TB hard drives to overcome the hardware hurdle.

news - OCTOBER 19 44

Extreme SSD performance over PCI-Express on the cheap? There's hope!

news - OCTOBER 16 13

Iomega's rugged external SSD will ship next month.

news - OCTOBER 14 31

Hard drives may still be the primary storage solution for digital media in the future.

news - OCTOBER 13 14

Portable storage and SSDs will soon get bigger.

picture story - OCTOBER 13 74

Today we have a set of test lines up that are certainly not par for Tom's Hardware: we're putting LaCie's XtremKey through hell and back using an oven, ice, propane and dimethyl ether, acid, a five-story...

news - OCTOBER 11 34

It's the industry's fastest 10,000 RPM enterprise HDD.

news - OCTOBER 8 38

Intel to battle the SandForce.

news - OCTOBER 8 13

This external network drive features a DLNA media server.

news - OCTOBER 7 31

HLDS revised its hybrid Blu-ray/SSD drive to fit into one laptop drive bay.

news - OCTOBER 5 21

Following Seagate's lead, Western Digital reveals a 3 TB external hard drive.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 29 38

SATA 6Gb/s not fast enough? OCZ's new High-Speed Data Link serves up to 2 GB/s through a PCIe-like connection. Complementing the interface technology is a similarly-new 3.5" SSD called IBIS. Rated for up to...

news - SEPTEMBER 28 30

OCZ is offering new SSDs for the mainstream desktop and laptop PC.

news - SEPTEMBER 28 42

On the bright side, there will be a new G2 coming soon.

news - SEPTEMBER 21 21

Seagate added a 2.5-inch 1.5 TB drive to its FreeAgent GoFlex line of HDDs.

news - SEPTEMBER 15 9

LaCie's new external solution provides three RAID modes.