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Notebooks - Page 62


Notebooks remain essential to gamers and professionals on the go. Although they’ve been around forever, the technology you find inside changes on an almost daily basis. Learn about the latest in mobile computing from a trusted source.

news - OCTOBER 6 18

New MacBooks are on the way, that much is certain, but the word on the street is that one crucial new feature comes from a metal brick.

news - OCTOBER 5 17

Alienware wants to stuff two gaming beasts under your tree this holiday season: the Area-51 m15x and Area-51 desktops.

news - OCTOBER 1 1

Just as how the innovation of Wi-Fi has freed laptop users from being tethered to an Ethernet cable to roam freely within the proximity of a wireless router, a new initiative by 16 companies hopes to make...

news - SEPTEMBER 25 10

Dell has released its new Precision M6400 mobile workstation featuring a 17-inch display, Intel quad-core processor and 16 GB of memory

news - SEPTEMBER 25 2

In an effort to keep up with other green-leaning manufacturers, Dell has announced that all of its laptops will be LED-backlit by 2010. LEDs, which are mercury-free, are quickly being adopted by laptop and...

reviews - SEPTEMBER 24 43

Take four gaming laptops. Arm two of them with SLI and make the others Centrino 2-compatible. You're looking at a high-end collection of the latest mobile technology battling it out for benchmark supremacy and...

news - SEPTEMBER 23 1

Technical specs for the upcoming Sony Vaio TT series of notebook have been discovered online and things are looking pretty good

news - SEPTEMBER 19 5

Two new ThinkPads have been announced by Lenovo Thursday- the lightweight X200s and the X200t tablet PC

news - SEPTEMBER 9 2

HP announced Monday its EliteBook notebook can achieve up to 24-hours of battery life

news - SEPTEMBER 5 3

Following a certain lag in government sales, the OLPC foundation has decided to revive its Give One, Get One (aka G1G1 program) in cooperation with Amazon.

news - SEPTEMBER 4 10

Netbooks manufactured with Windows XP have had their 80 GB HDD restriction dropped by Microsoft in favor of a 160 GB limit

news - SEPTEMBER 4 6

Sony has released an official statement informing customers that the company has issued a recall of the VIAO TZ following a reported 200 instances of users’ laptops overheating, with 15 of those occurring in...

news - SEPTEMBER 4 8

After months of leaked details, Dell today officially launched its own offering to the growing netbook market starting at $349.

news - SEPTEMBER 3 4

Dell, never one to leave any segment of the PC market unattended, will launch its Inspiron 910 netbook Thursday, according to various reports.

news - AUGUST 29 4

Samsung is joining the club of ultra-light laptops, along side Lenovo's X300 and Apple's MacBook Air, with the introduction of their X360 laptop

news - AUGUST 28 8

San Jose (CA) - Pick your part, any part with OCZ's do-it-yourself gaming notebook.

news - AUGUST 27 3

On Wednesday morning Dell announced two new entry-level Vostro laptops and two new entry-level desktops featuring a choice of Ubuntu or Windows Vista

news - AUGUST 26 12

Chicago (IL) - When Nvidia announced in early July that it has noticed a higher than normal failure rate in some of its notebook chips, investors reacted concerned, sending the company stock down 22%.

news - AUGUST 22 4

Intel traditionally closes its Developer Forum with a visionary keynote that provides a glimpse into Intel's labs and how the company's engineers think about how technology could shape the world in five, ten or...

news - AUGUST 21 2

Among the sea of classes and briefings going on at Intel's Developer Forum, there is one that stands out and appeals to the hardcore gamer lucky enough to attend the yearly smorgasbord that Pentium built.

news - AUGUST 21 6

Want to get an extra hour of battery life out of your laptop?

news - AUGUST 20 0

With IDF entering into day 2, we look back at the announcements and presentations from yesterday and take a look at the some of the biggest news to come out of IDF Day 1.

news - AUGUST 19 2

During the Spring IDF in Shanghai, Intel unveiled a new design for it’s OLPC low-cost netbook for educational use in developing nations, so will the Fall IDF see yet another appearance from the Classmate PC?

news - AUGUST 18 1

HP has unveiled three new 12-inch notebooks Monday based on Intel's new Centrino 2 platform

news - AUGUST 18 1

Not to let Apple carry on unchallenged in the super-ultra-portable notebook segment, Lenovo today quietly announced the next evolution of its X300 notebook -- the X301.

news - AUGUST 13 4

Chicago (IL) - You, in this case, would represent the consumer as analysts expect mini-notebooks to become the next gold mine for system builders.

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