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Software - Page 38


What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - AUGUST 20 29

Sources are siting sluggish performance with Windows RT tablets.

news - AUGUST 20 36

Spike TV did a 30-minute scoop on what's currently going on at Valve including Newell's distaste for Windows 8, info on the Steam Box, the upcoming launch of Big Picture, and even talk about a DOTA 2...

news - AUGUST 20 16

Apple's iTV service may involve a web-based DVR for storing and playing live content from cable operators.

news - AUGUST 19 16

GameStop isn't supporting consoles with its game streaming service slated to launch next year.

news - AUGUST 19 38

Has the Diablo III character profiles finally given up some real evidence of duping?

news - AUGUST 18 36

There is a new malware making the rounds that has security researchers scratching their heads.

news - AUGUST 18 27

Looks like Microsoft is taking steps to prevent developers from keeping the Metro name alive.

news - AUGUST 18 23

OnLive has laid off most of its staff and sold its assets to a newly-formed company.

news - AUGUST 18 38

Are you ready for the next generation of Counter Strike?

news - AUGUST 17 23

OnLive is keeping mum about rumors that it's shutting down but hasn't commented on talk that it's laying off all of its staff.

news - AUGUST 17 7

Despite all the rantings over Microsoft's Surface tablets, Acer is still in the Windows RT boat for now.

news - AUGUST 17 2

Check out what's been going on over on Tom's Guide this past week!

news - AUGUST 17 21

EA is bringing Origin and the SimCity reboot to Mac.

news - AUGUST 17 47

Is there hope left for Star Wars: The Old Republic?

news - AUGUST 17 31

Move over Steam and Origin: here comes Uplay PC from Ubisoft with loads of discounts in tow.

news - AUGUST 17 41

Here's the opening sequence to Mists of Pandaria, the fourth expansion for World of Warcraft.

news - AUGUST 17 27

Command & Conquer is going free-to-play.

news - AUGUST 16 33

Facebook's stock has hit a fresh new low as early investors apparently unloaded some of their shares.

news - AUGUST 16 20

Like HP, Lenovo isn't worried about Microsoft's entry into the tablet sector with Surface.

news - AUGUST 16 10

Google sees a significant drop-off in reported security issues and hopes to increase efforts by introducing more bonuses.

news - AUGUST 16 9

HP is silently gearing up to launch a spin-off company called GRAM using members from the remnants of Palm.

news - AUGUST 16 9

Dean Hall's plans for DayZ are grander than the PC...

news - AUGUST 16 29

Square-Enix plays a gameplay video of its upcoming Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

news - AUGUST 16 21

A developer saw two PCs stolen during Gamescom 2012 which contained alpha builds of two upcoming PC games.

news - AUGUST 16 30

If you've been holding off on buying Battlefield 3 for price drops, this edition might be worth your while.

news - AUGUST 16 21

HP's solution will be unique in a sea full of Windows 8 tablets.