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CPUs - Page 40


CPUs serve as the heart and soul of your desktop, notebook, and tablet. But with so many devices, power budgets, and performance requirements, it’s not always easy to pick the right hardware. From AMD to Intel and x86 to ARM, Tom’s Hardware has you covered.

news - SEPTEMBER 18 32

More Atom in more places.

news - SEPTEMBER 16 37

AMD pits its Zacate up against Intel HD in a Core i5.

news - SEPTEMBER 15 78

Four of these together can render some really nice Wolfenstein graphics.

news - SEPTEMBER 15 15

One company is fighting against counterfeiters by using DNA marking.

news - SEPTEMBER 15 50

Intel doesn't need any GPUs.

news - SEPTEMBER 14 59

Intel has shown us what Sandy Bridge looks like in chip form.

news - SEPTEMBER 14 4

Intel talks about future plans at the IDF keynote.

news - SEPTEMBER 14 50

The hybrid is coming.

news - SEPTEMBER 13 38

AMD staying out of the smartphone chip war, for now.

news - SEPTEMBER 11 38

This ARM could be ready for server use.

news - SEPTEMBER 8 28

Smartphones and tablets are going to get a lot more powerful next year.

news - SEPTEMBER 4 82

This is the eight-core version of Bulldozer.

news - SEPTEMBER 4 32

AMD technology behind Grindhouse style movies.

news - SEPTEMBER 2 65

Opteron and FirePro were the tools behind the film.

news - SEPTEMBER 1 48

It's easy to get caught up in the daily grind: benchmarking, writing, editing, and answering what sometimes seems like hundreds of emails. But at the end of the day, all of the work is for you. It's about time...

news - AUGUST 30 47

Intel adds another specialty into its stable.

news - AUGUST 30 60

Intel's best attempt at IGPs yet.

news - AUGUST 30 57

The Intel Atom to soon be the smartphone processor of choice?

news - AUGUST 27 54

Those if you with dirty minds should probably open the private browsing window first.

news - AUGUST 27 15

An interesting collection of firms have invested in a new ARM licensee targeting the data center.

news - AUGUST 27 62

Sorry, this new 5.2 GHz processor wasn't designed for your desktop.

news - AUGUST 26 16

RIM's newest phone carries quite the bill of materials.

news - AUGUST 26 14

Company stresses energy efficiency and performance over competitors HP and Oracle.

news - AUGUST 26 39

That'd be decacore.

news - AUGUST 25 133

Intel's Paul Otellini predicts that the "next big thing" won't happen in the States unless government policies change.

news - AUGUST 25 68

Microsoft and IBM beat Intel and AMD in designing a CPU and GPU combo chip.