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iPhone - Page 10


The iPhone was one of the first smartphones and is still one of the most popular. There are hundreds of thousands of apps dedicated to the device in the App Store. For the latest news, application reviews, and more about this iconic device, check out this section of Tom's Hardware.

news - DECEMBER 11 37

Super HD camera, NFC, stronger battery, 4.8-inch screen rumored.

news - DECEMBER 10 0

Check out Tom's Guide's latest story on TV guide apps!

news - DECEMBER 10 7

Two technology giants had previously led separate consortiums to purchase the patents.

news - DECEMBER 10 19

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is urging the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to extend the permissible use of gadgets on flights.

news - DECEMBER 9 45

Tim Cook carries out first major interview since becoming CEO.

news - DECEMBER 9 27

Samsung returns to court over $1 billion loss against Apple in August.

news - DECEMBER 9 31

Another patent has been declared invalid by the USPTO, this time the popular "Steve Jobs patent".

news - DECEMBER 7 42

APPL stock value has been decreasing for weeks.

news - DECEMBER 7 22

Foxconn said it plans to expand its facilities to North America because Americans want locally-made products.

news - DECEMBER 7 77

Claims its take on the concept is better than all competitors.

news - DECEMBER 6 20

Carrier said to have plans to "fire up" LTE Advanced in 2013.

news - DECEMBER 6 9

Deutsche Telekom confirms deal via investor update.

news - DECEMBER 6 13

Holiday sales to considerably contribute towards total shipments for Apple's tablet lineup.

news - DECEMBER 6 28

Also wins patent on iPad's case, and one regarding design of the white iPhone.

news - DECEMBER 6 6

Carrier expects to sell 26 million smartphones in total during 2012.

news - DECEMBER 5 32

If proved to be true, the iPhone 5S will be strikingly identical to its predecessor.

news - DECEMBER 5 25

Former CEO discusses "on and off" relationship between the two technology titans.

news - DECEMBER 5 42

Seven people were jailed for illegally taking and selling a kidney from a teen male who wanted money to buy an iPad 2.

news - DECEMBER 4 6

News Corp says it will take what is has learned from The Daily and apply it to other News Corp properties.

news - DECEMBER 4 21

Smartphone set to be released in China this month, alongside more than 50 other countries.

news - DECEMBER 3 9

China set to receive smartphone, the iPad Mini and iPad 4 in coming weeks.

news - DECEMBER 3 18

Google's Android remains the dominant platform.

news - DECEMBER 3 37

RBC Capital analyst Doug Freedman stated that Intel may soon be building ARM processors for Apple.

news - DECEMBER 3 30

Google's platform, however, dominates worldwide market.

news - DECEMBER 3 20

Locate misplaced items with ease.

news - DECEMBER 2 13

Consumers also downloading more apps when compared to 2009 figures.

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