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Motherboards - Page 20


Motherboards facilitate communication between all of the difference components inside your PC. Picking the right one is imperative to maximizing stability and making sure your machine has room to grow. Let us help you choose the best Motherboard to fit your needs.

news - JANUARY 23 7

The economy train is still going strong, just without passengers. Intel is now planning to lay off up to 6,000 employees and close some of its facilities.Intel plans to cut up to nearly 6,000 jobs and close...

news - JANUARY 21 11

NVIDIA announced today that its ION platform was named as the "Best Enabling Technology" during last week's CES '09 expo.

news - JANUARY 2 11

Back in December of 2008 we brought you news of G.Skill releasing its 2,000 MHz triple channel DDR3 kits for Intel's Core i7 platform. At the time, those kits that were rated for CL9 and CL8 respectively.

reviews - DECEMBER 24 41

As Intel’s Core i7 architecture starts moving down from the high-end, value seekers can build high-performance LGA775 systems cheaply. Low-cost motherboards compete for the value crown with added features,...

news - DECEMBER 19 26

Once again the rumor mill is churning with reports about enthusiast motherboard manufacturer Universal Abit. Reports have circulated that the company will be closing its doors for the last time on December...

news - DECEMBER 18 7

In need of some memory for your newly planned system build? Be it air or liquid cooled, OCZ delivers its new line of Flex EX Performance memory – claiming the world’s fastest Air or Liquid cooled DDR2 4GB...

news - DECEMBER 15 50

Competitors at our Overdrive finals tweaked Intel's Core i7 through the weekend and achieved great results. But there was a dark horse in the race as well -- AMD's Phenom II.

news - DECEMBER 15 0

XFX has announced its new X58i Motherboard, featuring 3-way Nvidia SLI and ATI CrossFireX support.

reviews - DECEMBER 9 39

AMD's 790GX and 780G support onboard memory to help improve the performance of integrated graphics. Is it worth paying a bit extra or is the feature a mere gimmick?

news - DECEMBER 4 13

For times when even micro-ATX motherboards are just too big, Zotac's newly released mini-ITX motherboard could come in handy, featuring Nvidia's Geforce 8200 mGPU and built-in WiFi

news - NOVEMBER 26 28

With USB 2.0 ports becoming a common as dirt—you’ll find them in everything from mobile phones to DVD players these days—you know the time has come to move on to a new version. And that’s just what the...

news - NOVEMBER 18 9

Today marks the release of the Intel's new Core i7 processors, but as expected the new platform is anything but cheap

news - NOVEMBER 14 2

Shuttle has released a new barebones XPC system this week, featuring the Intel G45 Express chipset and the new H7 aluminum chassis

reviews - NOVEMBER 14 33

All motherboards support overclocking—now it’s time for power-saving. Here we evaluate products from ASRock, Asus, Foxconn, Gigabyte and MSI, weighing both performance and power consumption, to determine...

news - NOVEMBER 13 6

Asus this week unveiled its Xonar Essence STX, which is a sound card the company claims is squarely for high-end audiophiles. The new card will be available on store shelves roughly a month from today and come...

reviews - NOVEMBER 13 61

AMD’s shift in focus to high-value multi-core processors has disappointed performance fanatics, but overclocking helps. We tested the company's latest enthusiast parts to find out if there are any real...

picture story - NOVEMBER 10 33

We're approaching the bottom of all eight tanks of our liquid nitrogen today. Check out some of pictures from the final day of competition!

picture story - NOVEMBER 9 17

Check out mid-day pictures from our overclocking competition!

news - NOVEMBER 9 5

It’s about 6:12PM PST now and the four teams are crunching away with benchmark scores. The competition overall is pacing along really nicely, and the teams are getting riled up. We saw a few competitors...

news - NOVEMBER 4 5

Gigabyte has announced two new X58 motherboards designed for the Core i7 platform

news - OCTOBER 30 6

Been looking for a good Mini-ITX solution for a project? Home Theatre PC? Zotac has packed Nvidia power onto one of its new Mini-ITX boards, along with semi-built in Wi-Fi.

picture story - OCTOBER 27 55

Core i7 is coming, Core i7 is coming! We got our hands on four of the first X58-based motherboards you're going to see come launch time from ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI and took plenty of pictures for this sneak...

news - OCTOBER 24 12

All kinds of information is starting to surface more and more frequency with the X58 launch nearing. EVGA has added their share to the info pool with its X58 SLI FTW board – Featuring E-LEET tuning.

news - OCTOBER 17 11

Tired of having to open up your case every time your have a failed overclock just to move that tiny jumper cap? Silverstone has the answer!

news - OCTOBER 17 1

Zotac and Evga have released new nForce 730i motherboards featuring Nvidia Geforce 9300 integrated graphics

reviews - OCTOBER 16 17

We follow up our GeForce 9300/nForce 730i coverage by addressing a couple of reader questions and adding detail from two other reviews that went up for the launch.