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Processors - Page 12


Today's desktop processors continue to push the performance envelope, while in the mobile space low-cost and high-efficiency processors take us ever closer to ubiquitous computing. From reviews to benchmarks, on desktops to smartphones, Tom's Hardware has the processor information you need.

news - AUGUST 28 24

At today's Hot Chips Symposium, Mark Papermaster, Senior Vice President and CTO of AMD, talks about the future of "Surround Computing".

news - AUGUST 28 13

At today's Hot Chips Symposium, Mark Papermaster, Senior Vice President and CTO at AMD, talks about the upcoming "High Density (Thin) Libraries"

news - AUGUST 28 124

At today's Hot Chips Symposium, Mark Papermaster, Senior Vice President and CTO, AMD, talks about the upcoming "Steamroller" Microarchitecture

news - AUGUST 28 45

More GHz, please.

news - AUGUST 28 85

A leaked AMD document coming out of EXPreview, shows the details on the first three FX "Vishera" based processors by AMD.

news - AUGUST 28 76

After several weeks of rumors, AMD officially introduced the quad-core FX-4130 processor today.

news - AUGUST 27 50

The rumor mill churns on.

news - AUGUST 23 16

Samsung is ramping its efforts to make a big splash as a 28 nm SoC vendor.

news - AUGUST 23 53

AMD's FX-4130 Bulldozer has surfaced on a retailer website and is available pre-order.

news - AUGUST 18 26

For the second time, the Enough Project has listed technology companies for their effort to avoid conflict minerals in their products.

news - AUGUST 17 55

Intel said it is changing the heat sink and fan shroud design for the majority of its desktop and server processors.

news - AUGUST 16 18

Intel notified its customers that it will be phasing out ten more mobile Sandy Bridge CPUs.

news - AUGUST 16 74

Rumors that AMD may be acquired by Qualcomm have lifted AMD's stock for a few days, but the company's shares have tumbled and there appears a persistent pessimistic sentiment about the firm's future.

news - AUGUST 15 32

Hermitage Akihabara has published the first images of AMD's upcoming desktop Trinity processors for the retail segment.

reviews - AUGUST 15 29

Intel recently introduced its Xeon E3-1200 v2 CPUs, based on the Ivy Bridge architecture. Though they're very similar to the third-generation desktop Core chips, ECC memory support, four extra PCIe 3.0 lanes,...

reviews - AUGUST 14 88

You've already read about APUs, and maybe you're even using them now. But the road to creating APUs was paved with a number of struggles and unsung breakthroughs. This is the story of how hybrid chips came to...

news - AUGUST 13 18

Intel is rumored to be preparing the launch of the Core i5 3350P during this quarter, an Ivy Bridge processor without functional graphics features.

news - AUGUST 13 58

The PC is not going to go away anytime soon, Intel's CEO states.

news - AUGUST 13 17

Nvidia delivered a much improved quarterly result with Q2 sales of $1.04 billion and a net profit of $180.4 million, which was up 75 percent from Q1.

news - AUGUST 13 19

The future of Samsung phones.

news - AUGUST 10 12

John Byrne is the new man in charge for AMD's sales unit.

news - AUGUST 9 27

A man was finally sentenced to three years in federal prison for stealing Intel secrets back in 2008.

news - AUGUST 9 26

Intel is cleaning up the mid-range Sandy Bridge portfolio.

news - AUGUST 9 42

AMD's stock shot up more than 9 percent in Wednesday trading, which appeared to be due to market rumors that suggested AMD could be on the auction block.

reviews - AUGUST 9 16

We're big fans of remote hardware management and its implications at home, in small businesses, and of course in enterprise environments. Intel recently refreshed its vPro technology, and we have a short...

news - AUGUST 8 25

In a leaked slide from VR-Zone Chinese, we have early confirmation that the LGA-2011 based Ivy Bridge-E is slated for Q3 2013.