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Storage - Page 10


Whether you're looking for a safe way to store and share your family photos, or high-speed access for mission-critical data, or something in between, we can provide you with the information and benchmarks to find a storage solution for your needs.

news - MARCH 8 25

The company's new lineup of SSHDs aims to "deliver blazing-fast performance and high-capacity at an affordable price".

news - MARCH 8 3

The VXL 1.3 will deliver automatic cache and data mirroring enhancements that enable 'SAN-less' virtualised services.

news - MARCH 6 5

Check out Tom's Guide's latest story on tips and tools for clearing up clutter on your Android device.

news - MARCH 6 2

Patriot has introduced its next-generation wireless mobile hard drive for sharing files on-the-go.

news - MARCH 5 7

Here's another power line-based network adapter if you're having issues with Wi-Fi coverage in a house or office.

news - MARCH 5 28

A Seagate rep has said that the company will stop the manufacture of 2.5-inch 7200RPM hard drives by the end of 2013.

news - MARCH 4 17

HGST's new discovery will double the bit density of today's disk drives by the end of the decade.

news - FEBRUARY 26 15

Sonnet has released two Tempo PCIe SSD expansion cards.

news - FEBRUARY 21 11

OCZ's new Vertex 3.20 is an update of the Vertex 3 SSD and features 20 nm lithography.

news - FEBRUARY 21 17

Western Digital is working on a 'hybrid' hard drive, a big hard drive mated with a little SSD

news - FEBRUARY 20 6

OCZ has shared that in the future is still planning on using SSD controllers manufactured by its competitors.

news - FEBRUARY 15 8

Super Talent showcases its new PCIe and Mini PCIe FDMs

news - FEBRUARY 13 1

Super Talent's RC 4 and RC 8 flash drives have received Windows-To-Go Certification

news - FEBRUARY 13 21

Micron has been working on NVDIMMs, a 'hybrid' storage solution, aiming to bridge the gap between DRAM and SSDs. The idea is that all the data in the DRAM would get written to NAND memory upon losing power.

reviews - FEBRUARY 13 16

Endurance. Reliability. Data protection. They're all important factors when it comes time to evaluate high-end storage technology. Micron's P400m, the company's latest enterprise-class SSD, is positioned to not...

news - FEBRUARY 11 1

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news - FEBRUARY 9 3

Transcend reveals a few new additions to its SSD line.

news - FEBRUARY 8 1

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news - FEBRUARY 8 27

Sony will cease shipping MiniDisc devices in March.

news - FEBRUARY 7 44

128 GB model offers 83 GB of storage, while battery life is said to be below 4 hours.

news - FEBRUARY 7 11

After launching the Vector SSD series in November, OCZ is luring customers with free copies of Far Cry 3.

news - FEBRUARY 6 4

Silicon Power has introduced the Slim S50 SSD packing an unnamed controller that is "unlike any other solution on the market".

news - FEBRUARY 5 6

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news - FEBRUARY 5 0

Cloud storage to go with your broadband package.

news - FEBRUARY 4 4

If the 240GB model was too expensive, here's a cheaper 180GB version of Intel's SSD 335 Series.

news - JANUARY 31 44

Software giant's SkyDrive boasts over double the amount of users.