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GPUs - Page 50


Graphics processors power everything from games to physics, and are found in devices from smartphones to supercomputers. At Tom's Hardware, get the latest benchmarks to make your games super smooth, find the best graphics for your money, or keep current on the latest trends in GPUs.

news - JUNE 24 4

Asustek Computer and GeCube have unveiled graphics card products based on AMD's ATI Radeon HD 4850 GPU.

news - JUNE 24 6

Toronto (Canada) - AMD is preparing an answer to Nvidia's recently released GeForce 9800GTX+ card.

news - JUNE 23 4

Mountain House (CA) - If everything goes according to plan, we will see AMD's new Radeon GPU launch this week.

news - JUNE 20 1

During past several days, we have heard rumors that Intel may be launching its Larrabee accelerator card during Siggraph.

news - JUNE 20 53

Mountain House (CA) - Nvidia's released two powerful weapons with its GeForce 9800 GTX+ graphics card: The company can now compete against AMD's brilliant Radeon 4850 graphics card on price and the company...

reviews - JUNE 20 58

We've looked at iBuypower’s budget systems in the past. This time, we scope out, test and tell you all about one of the company's big guns.

news - JUNE 19 27

AMD today partially lifted an embargo that prevented hardware review sites from publishing reviews of its upcoming HD 4850 GPU.

news - JUNE 19 12

Santa Clara (CA) - With the new GTX200 series out the gate , Nvidia is ready to transition its 9800 GPU family into more affordable price regions.

news - JUNE 19 12

Only days after an NDA briefing, AMD had to go ahead and allow journalists to publish performance numbers of the Radeon HD4850 (RV770) after it has been appearing in online shops.

news - JUNE 18 2

  AMD just released its Catalyst 8.6 driver package, which brings the usual myriad of performance improvements for benchmarks and current games, but there are two completely new features as well. Version 8.6...

news - JUNE 18 9

For the last several weeks, Nvidia has been at war with Intel over a statement one of Intel's engineers made at IDF suggesting that GPUs could soon be obsolete.

news - JUNE 18 0

Asustek Computer has introduced overclocked graphics cards based on Nvidia's latest GeForce GTX 280 and 260 GPUs.

reviews - JUNE 18 40

CUDA software enables GPUs to do tasks normally reserved for CPUs. We look at how it works and its real and potential performance advantages.

news - JUNE 17 0

Gigabyte Technology, Micro-Star International (MSI) and Leadtek Research have unveiled their latest Nvidia GeForce 200 series-based graphics card.

news - JUNE 16 6

Santa Clara (CA) - Nvidia today unveiled its GT200 graphics chip, now integrated into the GTX260 and GTX280 graphics cards.

news - JUNE 16 24

AMD's Radeon 4850 briefly made a sales spot on Amazon and other sites, but was eventually taken down. Specs however, were revealed.

news - JUNE 16 1

Sunnyvale (CA) - Nvidia today announced its second generation of Tesla floating point accelerators based on the GT200 series of graphics processors.

reviews - JUNE 16 149

Finally, Nvidia has heard our pleas! GT200 is the first real reworking of the G8x architecture. How does it work and perform?

news - JUNE 16 0

Sunnyvale (CA) - We are at the beginning of a week with plenty of supercomputing announcements, most of which target high-end and enterprise computing, but some in fact have mainstream appeal.

news - JUNE 13 19

Santa Clara (CA) - During Nvidia Editor's Day, we learned that Nvidia and the <a href="http://folding.

news - JUNE 12 13

Mountain View (CA) - Up until yesterday, Intel was showcasing its ray-tracing research using Quake 3 and Quake 4, which were nice demos, but did not exactly reflect fresh software.

news - JUNE 12 20

Sunnyvale (CA) - AMD had to find an answer to Nvidia's Ageia acquisition and the conversion of the PhysX engine into CUDA.

news - JUNE 10 11

San Francisco (CA) - The battle for mainstream graphics supremacy will enter a new phase with month, with both Nvidia and AMD's graphics unit ATI being expected to introduce their latest contenders within two...

news - JUNE 6 37

Taipei (Taiwan) - AMD has pulled a rabbit out of its hat to increase the performance of its existing Phenom triple-core (8000-series) and quad-core (9000-series) processors.

news - JUNE 5 16

Taipei (Taiwan) - In the latest round of rumors from Computex 2008, we learned that AMD managed to upset the majority of its partners by delaying the Radeon 4850 512MB GDDR3, code-named Makedon.

news - JUNE 5 0

When any business relies solely on a struggling partner, it’s often wise to diversify one’s product line. Sapphire Technologies, known for its AMD powered graphics cards, is jumping into the display...

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