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Smartphones - Page 30


The latest Smartphones truly do deliver portable computing in the palm of your hand. With so many options to choose from, let Tom's Hardware help you find the perfect Smartphone and Apps to suit your needs.

news - MARCH 28 26

The group is investigating gadget use during flight and will reveal its results in July.

reviews - MARCH 28 16

Do you ever wish you could watch video on something larger than a smartphone when you're on the road? GeChic thinks it has an answer with the On-Lap 2501M portable monitor. We benchmark the display to see if...

news - MARCH 27 6

Amazon's Kindle phone delay may be partially due to a change in screen size.

news - MARCH 27 28

Nexus 5 rumours suggest a lower resolution display but vastly improved battery life and an upgraded camera.

news - MARCH 26 25

T-Mobile finally reveals its no-contract plan while launching its 4G LTE service in a number of metropolitan areas.

news - MARCH 26 28

Why make your own phone when you can crack the whip on Nokia?

news - MARCH 26 2

Check out Tom's Guide's latest story on emulators for Android.

news - MARCH 22 27

Hope you didn't have your heart set on that octa-core CPU.

news - MARCH 22 0

Good news, Cumbria.

news - MARCH 21 28

That was quick.

news - MARCH 21 12

Google gives Google Drive a new feature.

news - MARCH 21 57

Microsoft pits Windows Phone against the Galaxy S3.

news - MARCH 21 9

Superdrug teams up with The Cloud.

news - MARCH 21 7

Google's flagship Nexus phone is back in stock for UK shoppers.

news - MARCH 20 21

All patched.

news - MARCH 20 8

Looks like BlackBerry still has a bit of work to do on BB10.

news - MARCH 20 24

Not all you can eat, but probably more than you can afford.

news - MARCH 19 11

This may be a whole line of customizable phones, not just a single flagship device.

news - MARCH 18 9

Google has filed a patent that offers touch input from the back of a smartphone or tablet.

news - MARCH 18 5

Check out Tom's Guide's latest story on Android quiz apps!

news - MARCH 15 32

Inside the next Galaxy.

news - MARCH 15 2

Eye recognition tech will allow the phone to pause and resume video playback based on the user's focus.

news - MARCH 15 0

Could the Q10 launch be just around the corner?

news - MARCH 15 13

It's finally all out in the open.

news - MARCH 15 4

The Kindle smartphone is still in the engineering verification test phase, claims supply chain.