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Software - Page 101


What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - APRIL 2 9

Today's top deals: HP Touchsmart 12.1" tablet PC; SSD Coupon Roundup; Medal of Honor pre-order.

news - APRIL 2 21

Belkin's new wireless routers enlists the help of various apps focused on torrents, network printing, and more.

news - APRIL 2 34

Windows 7 is hard to hack if the user account doesn't have administrator rights.

news - APRIL 2 36

Isohunt could be getting close to shuttering its doors after an order from the court.

news - APRIL 1 20

Nvidia has released the following demo of Internet Explorer 9 running on both the Ion 2-based Eee PC 1201PN and a regular Atom netbook with Intel graphics.

news - APRIL 1 53

Microsoft has hit out at Google's Chrome browser, claiming that it doesn't respect users' privacy.

news - APRIL 1 82

The PlayStation 3 has a lot to offer. For the longest time, it was considered the best in hardware spec, the best in Blu-ray playback, the best in design. But gradually, Sony eroded its dream console. Now, it's...

news - MARCH 31 31

The Quake collection is selling for $15 over on Steam.

news - MARCH 30 36

Even though Battlefield 1943 hit consoles in summer of last year, EA says it's still coming for PC faithful.

news - MARCH 30 68

iPhone hacker George Hotz promises PS3 users a work-around for Sony's decision to nix OtherOS support.

news - MARCH 30 67

Those headcrabs used to be pretty scary, but they probably wouldn't cut it any longer.

news - MARCH 30 21

PC RPG fans, a sequel to the mature PC game is underway. Watch the trailer and developer diary here!

news - MARCH 30 38

Microsoft compared Windows 7's security measures to a fire-proof safe.

news - MARCH 29 107

So long Linux.

news - MARCH 27 13

Mark your calendars, it's BlizzCon!

news - MARCH 27 47

DRM is holding back the legit gamer. That's not supposed to happen.

news - MARCH 27 45

Have you been having problems with the Ubisoft DRM? You could get free stuff!

news - MARCH 27 113

Anti-piracy advocates say the word piracy needs to be changed because as it stands, it makes the act of pirating seem too cool.

news - MARCH 25 32

Firefox, IE8 and Safari have all been successfully hacked at CanSecWest's Pwn2Own event.

news - MARCH 25 44

Adobe this week released a sneak peek of one of the tools that will be available in Photoshop CS5.

news - MARCH 25 55

Gamer takes on an SAS sniper in a race in Modern Warfare 2's The Pit.

news - MARCH 24 15

Google was today rushing to fix a rather strange 'bug': The company's corporate site was redirecting to the Chinese-language version of the same page.

news - MARCH 24 96

WARNING: Graphic images contained in this article. This is not for the faint of heart!

news - MARCH 23 46

Opera and Firefox gain at the expense of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

news - MARCH 23 51

BitDefender stumbles on protecting 64-bit Windows... in a pretty bad way.

news - MARCH 23 58

Is gaming entering a new era on the PC, or is it changing on a whole no matter the platform?