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Build Your Own - Page 60


If you ever plan to build your own PC, Tom's Hardware’s System Builder Marathon is a must-read. Our editorial team builds, tests, and evaluates PC systems at varying costs, using the components that we think maximize value. These components include motherboards, cooling devices, CPU platforms, chipsets, memory, cases, hard drives, networking and graphics cards and power supplies. For each build, we include performance benchmarks that include 3D games, audio and video compression, graphic design, image manipulation, and video editing. Our testing includes each configuration in its stock form and overclocked. Feel free to build along with us or watch patiently from the sidelines, because, remember—each of these systems are given away at the end of the marathon (don’t forget to enter!).

picture story - APRIL 24 0

It's easy to see the difference that the GeForce Go 7900 GS makes when you compare the p105's performance to the Alienware Area-51 5550i with a GeForce Go 7600 graphics processor. The 3DMark05 score for the...

picture story - APRIL 18 0

Capcom's Resident Evil 5 may not arrive until 2008, but here's a glimpse at a few screenshots from the latest trailer, including this close-up of the game's hero. Is it Chris Redfield? You decide.

picture story - APRIL 18 0

The distinctive Widow PC badge gives the Sting some sting.

picture story - APRIL 18 0

Talk about pimping your ride. The Tom's Hardware badge is not an off the shelf option (but we like it).

reviews - APRIL 13 0

System builders show off the best that money can buy, including Intel's elite "water-cooled only" quad core QX6800.

picture story - APRIL 4 0

SECRET WARS #8 featured the first appearance of the black costume.

picture story - MARCH 25 0

Jagex's RuneScape doesn't have enticing graphics but the game has still attracted 9 million players.

news - MARCH 14 1

The battle for your living room has been going on for quite some time. But despite climbing sales of Windows Media Center PCs, no one can really claim to have convinced the average U.S. consumer to rely on the...

news - MARCH 13 0

The Chinese government has approved Intel's plan to build a wafer plant in northern China. The $2.5 billion dollar factory will make around 52,000 12" wafers a month using 90-nanometer technology. Intel has not...

picture story - MARCH 7 0

Sony began its GDC 2007 keynote by tossing some giant soccer balls into the audience. And yes, the soccer balls had a purpose that came into "play" later in the keynote.

news - MARCH 7 0

Market sources recently said Samsung Electronics has recalled a batch of SecureDigital (SD) cards from downstream packaging and testing houses due to a defective controller IC.

picture story - MARCH 6 0

Mass Effect is BioWare newest title, an exclusive game for the Xbox 360.

reviews - MARCH 2 0

From Cheez-It boxes to heavy metal cases, here are more great stories about cool, strange and fantastic PCs and PC mods.

news - FEBRUARY 28 0

Using your laptop while driving can be hazardous to your health as one Californian man found out. The 28-year-old man died after his Toyota Corolla slammed head on into a Hummer on Highway 99 north of...

reviews - FEBRUARY 23 1

We asked you to tell us about your favorite cool, strange or unusual PC or PC mod and, man, did you! The story's a click away.

reviews - FEBRUARY 19 0

You get what you pay for, right? But what happens if you build a PC on the cheap? We packed two boxes with low-cost AMD and Intel CPUs and other inexpensive components. Guess who dominates the low end?

news - FEBRUARY 16 0

What does it take to transform your PC into a teraflop supercomputer? It may be less than you think - two graphics cards and programming know-how are enough to push your desktop PC's performance into a range...

reviews - FEBRUARY 15 0

Tell us about your favorite cool, strange or even wacky PC or PC mod. We might publish your story.

picture story - FEBRUARY 14 0

The Fanatec Headshot Controller gaming mouse.

reviews - FEBRUARY 14 1

In the event of catastrophic hard drive failure, only professional data recovery can help. During a visit to Kroll Ontrack we gained insight into how data can even be restored from a crashed RAID array.

picture story - FEBRUARY 14 1

Lucasarts upcoming Star Wars: The Force Unleashed game will include "Euphoria" technology that will infuse computer-controlled characters with their own brains. Acting like real people, those characters will...

reviews - FEBRUARY 8 0

Gateway is ready to get back into the performance business. They certainly have the experience, but can they deliver the goods?

reviews - FEBRUARY 7 1

In this article, we provide you with what you need to know about upgrading to Windows Vista. You will get definitive information about released features and capabilities of the various versions of Windows...

news - FEBRUARY 3 0

We can think of a million and one ways how to pamper your new Vista PC, but a keyboard would not have been on the top of our list. Microsoft's wireless Desktop 7000 is a visual stunner that goes along well with...

picture story - JANUARY 30 0

The desktop package comes with a Bluetooth-enabled 7000-series keyboard and an 8000-series mouse.

picture story - JANUARY 29 0

Windows Vista Home Basic will sell for $199.00 and will not have the 3D-accelerated Windows Aero desktop. Up to 8 GB of memory will be supported.