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Monitors - Page 12


Monitors are the part of your computer you interact with the most. Tom's Hardware provides the benchmarks and information you need to de-mystify the specifications and technologies of current monitors, allowing you to find the perfect monitor for your application.

news - APRIL 10 8

Philips is expanding its Brilliance LCD monitor line with ErgoSensor technology, which can now offer advice to improve user behavior.

news - APRIL 5 0

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news - APRIL 3 13

Samsung said that it is building a new factory to manufacture NAND flash chips to meet the growing demand that is especially created by mobile computing devices.

news - APRIL 2 34

New legislation expected to be announced next month.

news - MARCH 29 8

A quickly rising demand for touch screen devices will trickle down to a equally fast increasing demand for touch controller integrated circuits (ICs) and triple that market within five years, IHS estimates.

news - MARCH 28 10

Hon Hai Precision Industry, parent of Foxconn, announced that it has acquired a 10 percent share of consumer electronics unit of Sharp, as well as almost half of the shares in LCD maker Sharp Display Products.

news - MARCH 22 24

As much as we praise modern touch screens and the user model they enable today, we also know that their applications areas are very limited and only work in scenarios in which their latency does not matter...

news - MARCH 21 4

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news - MARCH 12 30

Microsoft researchers have developed a 3D display technology that creates a virtual room with that can be controlled with hand movements via Kinect integration.

news - FEBRUARY 29 21

Separating its LCD business from the rest company of the company will help Samsung to improve the competitiveness of its LCD operations, IHS said. However, that may not be the actual reason for the spinoff.

reviews - FEBRUARY 22 42

In our first LCD round-up of the year, we put four monitors thorough our benchmark suite and find some surprising results. Even if you're an enthusiast with cash to spare, paying more doesn't guarantee a better...

news - JANUARY 19 26

It's flicker-free 3D at a 1920 x 1080 resolution thanks to AOC's new 23-inch Full HD 3D monitor.

news - JANUARY 11 90

Three hundred Foxconn workers threatened to jump off the roof of an Xbox 360 manufacturing plant after they didn't receive their pay.

news - JANUARY 11 38

Sony has developed a new Full HD display using six million LEDs and measuring 55-inches.

news - JANUARY 9 12

Canonical says it will finally showcase Ubuntu TV this week in Las Vegas during CES 2012.

news - JANUARY 9 8

Lenovo has revealed a Smart TV using Google's Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich" OS, a 10-inch IdeaTab S2 tablet and a Gingerbread-based S2 smartphone.

news - DECEMBER 28 4

Samsung is now the sole owner of the S-LCD LCD production company.,

news - DECEMBER 27 15

Samsung, Sharp and others have offered to pay $539 million to settle an antitrust lawsuit over alleged LCD panel price-fixing.

news - DECEMBER 16 13

The first TVs with integrated WiDi will launch next year.

news - DECEMBER 15 57

Apple's 2012 upgrades for its Macbook Pro notebook series could include a retina display.

news - DECEMBER 13 5

LG has become the prominent supplier of displays for tablets. Large volume contracts with Apple, Amazon and Barnes & Noble enabled the company to ship 51 percent of tablet display panels in the second quarter...

news - DECEMBER 9 13

Asus plans to reveal a touch-based swivel display ultrabook during Computex next year, allowing the new form factor to convert into a tablet-like experience.

news - NOVEMBER 30 12

Acer's new monitor will transform 2D content into 3D without the need for additional hardware and/or software.

news - NOVEMBER 8 5

HP has revealed several new 3D products including an updated HP Wireless TV Connect peripheral, a $299 3D monitor, and a 3D-enabled AIO desktop computer.

news - NOVEMBER 8 9

This adapter allows consumers to wirelessly push 1080p content from a USB 2.0 port on a PC to an HDMI-enabled HDTV.

reviews - NOVEMBER 4 93

Another batch of monitors just landed. This time, we're sampling 24" screens. If 27" is too big (and too expensive), and 23" is too small, this round-up is just what you need. We put three screens through the...