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Android - Page 30


Google’s Android operating system powers everything from Smartphones to Tablets to Netbooks. Tom’s Hardware is dedicated to getting all of the latest devices, testing them, and passing along our impressions to make you a more informed shopper.

news - NOVEMBER 27 23

Apple looking to increase its market share in China.

news - NOVEMBER 27 21

Social network looking to improve Facebook experience on the smartphone platform that has the largest market share.

news - NOVEMBER 27 19

Relied on several Google services for his whole journey.

news - NOVEMBER 27 17

Phablet sold three million units during its first month of availability.

news - NOVEMBER 27 51

Samsung rumored to be working on an octo-core Galaxy S4.

news - NOVEMBER 26 18

Increase in spending represents 26 percent jump over last year.

news - NOVEMBER 26 9

When Google announced the Nexus 4, many were surprised that the phone didn't come with support for 4G LTE. Fast forward to the launch and early tear downs indicated that the phone did have a 4G chip, it just...

news - NOVEMBER 26 35

Windows 8 will be one of the three main targets in 2013, says security firm Websense.

news - NOVEMBER 26 22

Bring your own device (BYOD) trend surges with BlackBerry overtaken by Google's Android.

news - NOVEMBER 26 23

HTC Droid DNA latest smartphone to feature wireless charging support.

news - NOVEMBER 26 57

Current CEO Tim Cook criticized for being technology "lightweight".

news - NOVEMBER 25 10

Tablet shipments in North America set to exceed laptops for the first time during 2012's fourth quarter.

news - NOVEMBER 24 22

Google's Jelly Bean also added to lawsuit.

news - NOVEMBER 24 5

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news - NOVEMBER 24 21

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to be included from launch.

news - NOVEMBER 23 17

NTSB drops RIM's device due to its unreliability.

news - NOVEMBER 23 50

Production of S3 successor's chipsets has reportedly commenced.

news - NOVEMBER 23 10

Late February release rumored.

news - NOVEMBER 23 10

Is Google looking to replace the DLNA protocol?

news - NOVEMBER 22 3

Still no picture of the white model, though.

news - NOVEMBER 22 7

ZTE preparing to launch ZTE Grand X upgrade.

news - NOVEMBER 22 50

To feature a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

news - NOVEMBER 21 3

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news - NOVEMBER 21 5

Financial details of the deal "very, very wrong."

news - NOVEMBER 21 4

Look, a unicorn!

news - NOVEMBER 20 11

It's going to happen sooner or later. You might as well know what to expect when you finally drop your brand new toy.