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Software - Page 18


What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - DECEMBER 20 24

The War Z has been pulled from Steam due to user complaints.

news - DECEMBER 20 36

Customer reviews of the Surface RT tablet sold at Best Buy are extremely positive.

news - DECEMBER 19 43

All three preview builds of Windows 8 -- Developer, Consumer and Release -- will expire in less than a month.

news - DECEMBER 19 3

Check out Tom's Guide's latest story on data recovery utilities.

news - DECEMBER 19 112

Consumers should avoid Windows 8 for now, Consumer Reports claims.

news - DECEMBER 19 0

Microsoft and Channel 4 team up to bring 4oD to the newest iteration of Windows.

news - DECEMBER 19 10

The first expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic arrives in Spring 2013.

news - DECEMBER 18 41

Now that's a bargain.

news - DECEMBER 18 5

Google has decided to end support for Exchange ActiveSync on a consumer level.

news - DECEMBER 18 5

Now there's a place where Raspberry Pi users can download apps for their cool gadget.

news - DECEMBER 18 18

The W3C has published the first complete specifications for HTML 5 and Canvas.

news - DECEMBER 18 14

Inventor and futurist will focus on machine learning and language processing.

news - DECEMBER 17 99

The New York Post suggests that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer may be out if Windows 8 fails.

news - DECEMBER 16 34

Apps sold in the Windows Store are apparently easy to hack.

news - DECEMBER 16 32

For those who actually use the Windows Store, games like Grand Theft Auto IV are now available.

news - DECEMBER 15 12

Asheron's Call 2 is up and running, but only for current Asheron's Call subscribers.

news - DECEMBER 15 15

Glu Mobile strikes back with a statement that reveals why many games no longer have multiplayer support.

news - DECEMBER 14 22

Microsoft responded to's public disclosure of an Internet Explorer flaw.

news - DECEMBER 14 9

Former Epic Games design director is bored and wants to create a new studio so that current gamers don't think all he's ever done is Gears of War.

reviews - DECEMBER 14 205

The third installment of the Far Cry series is more impressive as a game (to us, at least) than its predecessor. But do you need really powerful hardware to enjoy it? We benchmark 15 different graphics cards...

news - DECEMBER 14 1

Dell will provide smartphone solutions, not smartphone hardware.

news - DECEMBER 14 19

Humble Bundle sold 885,301 THQ-laced bundles, raking in $5,097,550.77 USD.

news - DECEMBER 13 16

Microsoft is looking into a vulnerability in Internet Explorer that allows hackers to track cursor movement even when the browser is minimized.

news - DECEMBER 13 18

It's Apple's turn to be sued for patent infringement.

news - DECEMBER 13 32

Google currently has no plans to develop apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

news - DECEMBER 13 23

GOG is offering Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition free for a limited time only as part of its 2012 DRM-free Holiday Sales blowout featuring 475 discounted titles.