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Software - Page 18


What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - JANUARY 6 40

Malware writers are expected to use NFC technology to spread worms across tablets and smartphones.

news - JANUARY 6 35

Age of Empires Online will no longer be getting new content.

news - JANUARY 6 176

The next release of Windows will sport a new kernel, a "flattened" desktop, and live tiles that can be re-sized.

news - JANUARY 5 43

Valve's extending the Holiday Sales until January 7th.

news - JANUARY 5 17

Microsoft has reportedly acquired id8 Group R2 Studios Inc. to bolster its Xbox division.

news - JANUARY 4 7

This tablet is for kids.

news - JANUARY 4 5

Vuzix is shipping the first phase of its SDK for the M100 Smart Glasses.

news - JANUARY 4 3

Mac users can now download and install over 750,000 Android apps thanks to the release of the BlueStacks App Player beta.

news - JANUARY 4 23

Apple is supposedly working on a Smart Watch, and Intel is somehow involved.

reviews - JANUARY 4 28

Nvidia continues to encourage game developers to add Tegra-only details to their Android titles. Is Tegra 3 the killer SoC for Android gaming? How do Tegra-optimized games look compared to the same titles on...

news - JANUARY 3 31

There's a rumor that the next iPhone will arrive in multiple colors and screen sizes.

news - JANUARY 3 27

Major Nelson is teasing gamers with a countdown timer. Meanwhile, another report suggests that chip production began on December 31, 2012.

news - JANUARY 3 1

Marvell will start offering SSD controllers with firmware developed by Memoright.

news - JANUARY 3 26

Microsoft is phasing out discounted and free upgrades, as well as the Windows 8 Preview in January.

news - JANUARY 3 24

Runic Games and Torchlight 2 are doing well for themselves.

news - JANUARY 3 55

The government gets five more years of warrantless wiretapping of mobile devices.

news - JANUARY 2 9

Ubuntu will support smartphones later this year.

news - JANUARY 2 12

Google's rumored "xPhone" may be an attack on Samsung more so than the iPhone.

news - JANUARY 2 35

Linux creator Linus Torvalds went on a tirade in the Linux kernel mailing list targeting Red Hat's Mauro Carvalho Chehab, one of kernel maintainers who blamed an application for breakage in the Linux kernel 3.8...

news - JANUARY 2 80

Windows 8 has fallen behind Vista in terms of usage share.

news - JANUARY 2 11

EA says it's in a gift-giving mood, but just not for PC gamers.

news - JANUARY 2 19

Minecraft sells big on Christmas Day says Mojang.

news - JANUARY 1 33

Google is working to further improve the tab management in its web browser.

news - DECEMBER 29 30

Dueling will finally be coming to Diablo III. However, the planned Team Deathmatch has been canned.

news - DECEMBER 28 9

Google talks about the best apps of the year.

news - DECEMBER 28 0

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