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Build Your Own - Page 13


If you ever plan to build your own PC, Tom's Hardware’s System Builder Marathon is a must-read. Our editorial team builds, tests, and evaluates PC systems at varying costs, using the components that we think maximize value. These components include motherboards, cooling devices, CPU platforms, chipsets, memory, cases, hard drives, networking and graphics cards and power supplies. For each build, we include performance benchmarks that include 3D games, audio and video compression, graphic design, image manipulation, and video editing. Our testing includes each configuration in its stock form and overclocked. Feel free to build along with us or watch patiently from the sidelines, because, remember—each of these systems are given away at the end of the marathon (don’t forget to enter!).

news - MARCH 8 15

MSI showcases G-Series motherboards with some interesting features at CeBIT.

news - MARCH 8 27

A Mac version of the 7950 has been spotted.

news - MARCH 8 7

Enermax shows off two new cases at CeBIT.

news - MARCH 7 93

Help out your fellow community members with your knowledge and you could win some swag!

news - MARCH 7 41

The company's upcoming range of motherboards will be based on Intel's H87 and Z87 chipsets.

news - MARCH 7 5

Here's another powerline-based networking solution.

reviews - MARCH 7 108

Informed buyers are always looking for more information, and we were fortunate enough to plan for some of those requests. Today’s build adds quietness, storage capacity, and extra gaming finesse to the parts...

news - MARCH 6 8

The EK-KIT L series water cooling kits are the successor to the company's well received EK-KIT H30 Supreme LTX series.

news - MARCH 5 9

Chieftec has introduced a new lineup of PSUs that are intended to "Do The Job".

news - MARCH 5 11

In-Win has announced a PC case that offers a sleek exterior and a roomy, feature-rich interior.

news - MARCH 5 7

Here's another power line-based network adapter if you're having issues with Wi-Fi coverage in a house or office.

news - MARCH 3 19

The Spire Diablo is an ATX chassis with a number of neat features for its entry level price point

news - MARCH 2 10

Lian-Li says it's showcasing new products next week at CeBIT 2013.

news - MARCH 1 17

Prolimatech has released a black version of its MK-26 GPU Cooler.

reviews - MARCH 1 119

We've long claimed that the sweet spot for value was somewhere around $800. So, we narrowed this quarter's System Builder Marathon from $600 to $1,000. Which one of our three configurations gives us the most...

news - FEBRUARY 28 11

ZOTAC has released a new FireStorm overclocking utility.

news - FEBRUARY 28 3

MSI is teasing us yet again with its new lineup of G-Series products.

news - FEBRUARY 28 7

EK Water Blocks has released a water block specifically for the 7970 Matrix graphics card from Asus.

news - FEBRUARY 28 20

MSI is integrating Creative's Sound Blaster Cinema audio chip on certain motherboards.

reviews - FEBRUARY 28 91

With his budget cut in half, Thomas is trying to take the value crown by building the highest-end PC in this quarter's System Builder Marathon for $1,000. Can he out-do the value of Paul's $600 config or Don's...

news - FEBRUARY 28 14

be quiet! is known for its power supplies, and thus it is surprising to see it enter the market for thermal compound.

news - FEBRUARY 27 20

Colorful is releasing a GeForce GTX Titan with two interesting features.

news - FEBRUARY 27 37

MSI has released a new high-end motherboard with some very interesting features.

news - FEBRUARY 27 11

The 18th annual QuakeCon convention will take place in Dallas, Texas this August.

reviews - FEBRUARY 27 68

Last quarter, Don had $1,000 to spend on a mid-range enthusiast-oriented PC. This time around, we challenged him to build something better with $800. Is that even possible? Our System Builder Marathon...

news - FEBRUARY 27 11

EK Water Blocks has released the EK-FC Titan, a water block that we've already seen in Origin PC's Titan systems.