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AMD - Page 20


reviews - SEPTEMBER 16 71

A flagship graphics launch is bound to fail unless it's the fastest game in town. Well, both AMD and Nvidia say their respective juggernauts have that title. Clearly, only one company can be right. Is the...

news - SEPTEMBER 14 118

AMD is set to launch its next-generation graphic processors this coming fall and it is shaping up to be more than expected with use of XDR2 memory interface.

news - SEPTEMBER 14 70

Definitely not achieved using air cooling.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 14 58

This month we're talking about the disappearance of Nvidia's GeForce GT 240 and GeForce GTX 460 graphics cards. Additionally, we consider the implications of our micro-stuttering investigation on the dual-card...

news - SEPTEMBER 14 79

With the recent announcement of Intel's Sandy-Bridge-E's pending release date, we get some much welcome word that the FX-Series ("Bulldozer") is coming soon, with the CPUs going up for pre-order.

news - SEPTEMBER 9 69

AMD's new leader has some work to do.

news - SEPTEMBER 9 35

The A4-3300 and the A4-3400 APUs for desktops are now available, starting at a mere $70 USD.

news - SEPTEMBER 8 108

AMD has announced the shipments of the x86 “Bulldozer” architecture... unfortunately for the masses, it is the Opteron server based processors and not the Zambezi (FX Series) desktop processors.

news - SEPTEMBER 6 25

A missing .htaccess file granted clever surfers access to 1.7 million game keys for DiRT3 on Steam.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 5 34

Because integrated GPUs generally employ shared system memory, RAM performance has a significant effect on gaming frame rates. We're testing seven 8 GB DDR3 kits that manufacturers tell us are a perfect match...

news - SEPTEMBER 2 84

AMD FX-Series' final specifications revealed on Gigabyte's AM3+ - AMD 990FX - GA-990FXA-UD7 (rev. 1.0) CPU support list.

news - SEPTEMBER 1 80

Newly-appointed AMD CEO Rory Read recently told employees that the company needs to become a predator.

news - AUGUST 26 60

AMD revealed that it will paying its new CEO Rory Read a base salary of $1 million, the highest base salary for an AMD CEO in the company's history.

news - AUGUST 25 32

AMD now has a new president and CEO: Rory P. Read, Lenovo's ex-COO

news - AUGUST 24 20

New Fusion for modest price points.

reviews - AUGUST 24 56

From the humble beginnings of mechanical adding machines to today's multi-core processors, we recount the early developments that took us to where we are today. We also include a convenient timetable showing...

news - AUGUST 23 62

AMD has released new documents outlining the architecture for its upcoming Bulldozer release.

reviews - AUGUST 23 39

August gives us a number of price cuts, especially across AMD's Phenom II X4 and X6 families. We consider the impact of lower prices, in addition to how all this may fit into the imminent release of Bulldozer,...

reviews - AUGUST 22 108

We've received many emails from readers asking about the phenomenon known as micro-stuttering and what it means to multi-GPU setups in CrossFire and SLI. After running plenty of benchmarks, we're ready to weigh...

picture story - AUGUST 19 217

Do you remember the first card that introduced you to 3D gaming? How about the best accelerator you ever owned? Take a trip with us down memory lane as we recount the 23 most powerful graphics boards of their...

news - AUGUST 18 34

More Fusion from AMD.

news - AUGUST 18 37

AMD "quietly" launched a new line of GPUs designed specifically for the All-In-One market.

reviews - AUGUST 15 80

Is your network safe? Almost all of us prefer the convenience of Wi-Fi over the hassle of a wired connection. But what does that mean for security? Our tests tell the whole story. We go from password cracking...

reviews - AUGUST 12 130

This month we discuss Nvidia's new GeForce GT 545, add a lot of new GPUs to the graphics card hierarchy chart at our readers' request, and discuss some conspiracy theories swirling around the introduction of...

news - AUGUST 9 34

Khronos released OpenGL 4.2 as a new version of the cross-platform 2D and 3D graphics API earlier today at Siggraph.

news - AUGUST 8 50

AMD has released Radeon-branded DDR3 modules in Canada and over in Japan.