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Build Your Own - Page 52


If you ever plan to build your own PC, Tom's Hardware’s System Builder Marathon is a must-read. Our editorial team builds, tests, and evaluates PC systems at varying costs, using the components that we think maximize value. These components include motherboards, cooling devices, CPU platforms, chipsets, memory, cases, hard drives, networking and graphics cards and power supplies. For each build, we include performance benchmarks that include 3D games, audio and video compression, graphic design, image manipulation, and video editing. Our testing includes each configuration in its stock form and overclocked. Feel free to build along with us or watch patiently from the sidelines, because, remember—each of these systems are given away at the end of the marathon (don’t forget to enter!).

news - MARCH 7 22

MSi is reaching out to touch the memory lover in every gamer with two very unique motherboards: the 790GX-SD and the P45-8D. What's so special about these boards? Read on...

news - MARCH 6 19

Core i5 isn't necessarily a new term floating around the Internet, however lately there's been quite a bit of talk about the "Core i7 lite," and now there's a motherboard to support it.

news - MARCH 6 27

Design houses from the automotive industry have penned the lines for more than just cars. In fact, some even dabble into computer parts.

news - MARCH 6 4

A chip industry veteran will now lead a new Taiwan-based, state-backed company that merges six memory chipmakers into one collective--the TMC.While the $23.6 billion computer memory industry struggles to stay...

news - MARCH 6 26

Apparently, AMD will not release its 32nm Bulldozer CPU before late 2010 even though Intel's rival processor will roll out by Q4 2009.

news - MARCH 6 14

Fusion-io has joined forces with Hewlett-Packard to create the HP StorageWorks IO Accelerator, using Fusion-io's ioMemory technology for BladeSystem c-Class servers.

news - MARCH 6 5

OCZ, a company known for its RAM, SSD's and power supplies, is now jumping into the netbook market with the Neutrino.

news - MARCH 6 11

A-DATA unveiled its new consumer solid-state drive, packing in a whopping 500GB in an itty-bitty 2.5" space.

news - MARCH 5 10

In the age when we always want things to happen faster for our computers, sometimes even the quickest of processors and storage aren’t enough to satisfy our need for instant gratification.

news - MARCH 4 19

Seems as though it may be possible that P55 motherboards compatible with Intel's Core i5 CPUs (Lynnfield) may actually start shipping in July. Ultimately, that's Intel's call.

news - MARCH 4 17

Shortly after the new year rang in there were reports made by various sources that Corsair was planning to enter the PC case market and they have come through, showing off a case at CeBIT.

news - MARCH 3 19

As if giving Nvidia the middle finger or slapping the graphics company in the face, ASRock managed to make ATI CrossFire cards run on Nvidia SLI motherboards.

news - MARCH 3 4

Inno3D sent over some info and screenshots of its GeForce GTS 250 and GeForce 9600GT E-Save cards, currently on display at CeBIT 2009.

news - MARCH 3 25

This afternoon Twintech revealed its GTS250 line of graphics cards, featuring on-board HDMI in 512MB and 1GB flavors.

news - MARCH 2 18

According to HKEPC, AMD plans to release the 3.2GHz Phenom II X4 955 in April while the 3.1GHz Phenom II X4 950 will not even make it to the market.

news - MARCH 2 35

Everyone likes cheap without cutting down quality. Apparently ATI is hacking HD4800 prices like a crazed maniac from a slasher movie.

news - FEBRUARY 26 18

Graphics power is never enough. I remember when getting my hands on an 8800 GTX was the epitome of graphics performance. Alas, that's no longer the case. Zotac today sends word that its putting the final...

news - FEBRUARY 25 19

Yesterday ASRock said that it will unveil its personal Supercomputer system at CeBIT '09, sporting its ASRock X58 Supercomputer motherboard.ASRock said that its X58 SuperComputer motherboard spawned from the...

reviews - FEBRUARY 25 78

Perhaps you remember our $750 Computing Challenge system from last month. Germany sent over the configuration and benchmark results for its submission and we compare it against Team USA. The systems (and...

news - FEBRUARY 25 52

Palit Microsystems has unleashed its very first custom designed GeForce GTX285, available in both 1GB and 2GB tasty flavors.

news - FEBRUARY 24 6

Inno3D is offering PC enthusiasts double the cooling and a better value for the buck with its new GeForce GTX 260 with FreezerX2

news - FEBRUARY 23 43

We received word that a Korean hardware review site has managed to turn a triple-core Phenom II X3 710 into a 4 core CPU.Apparently, the quick switcheroo requires a Biostar motherboard says the site, but...

news - FEBRUARY 20 11

This morning Silicon Power said that it plans to release a 256MB version of its 2.5-inch SATA II SSD.

news - FEBRUARY 20 29

Building on the reputation of the Cooler Master V8, the new V10 with hybrid Thermal Electric Cooler, or also known as Peltier cooling, brings even more thermal dissipating power to your Intel Core i7 LGA1366...

news - FEBRUARY 19 28

Solid state drives (SSDs) are the latest in hot tech upgrades these days, and rightly so. SSDs add huge boosts in performance to a system that is HDD bound, and the storage subsystem of a computer is the...

reviews - FEBRUARY 18 111

After years of trying (unsuccessfully) to build a HTPC that a family would actually use, Chris Angelini thinks that AMD and Microsoft may have finally gotten it right. He outlines his hardware, software, and...