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CPUs - Page 43


CPUs serve as the heart and soul of your desktop, notebook, and tablet. But with so many devices, power budgets, and performance requirements, it’s not always easy to pick the right hardware. From AMD to Intel and x86 to ARM, Tom’s Hardware has you covered.

news - MAY 28 35

This could be your ticket to stress-free Intel overclocking.

reviews - MAY 27 144

AMD's Athlon II X3 440 is such a capable little chip, and and it costs so little. Is there any real point in spending more money on your gaming machine’s CPU? We explore this question with a head-to-head...

news - MAY 27 32

Intel gives an update on the graphics work going on at the chipmaker.

news - MAY 26 32

During an interview, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang took at jab at Intel's Moorestown chip.

news - MAY 26 24

Getting ready for small, powerful notebooks.

news - MAY 25 56

That's a lot more cores than we've got right now in our systems.

news - MAY 25 12

It would seem previous rumors suggesting Dell would update the Alienware M11x were true. A Dell spokesperson has supposedly confirmed the miniature gaming machine will get the Core treatment next month.

news - MAY 22 10

Logitech shows off the stand-alone Google TV box and provides some details on specifications.

news - MAY 21 59

Nvidia Tegra 2 tablets could be the real deal.

reviews - MAY 21 57

The last time we matched up Intel's Pentium G6950 against AMD's Phenom II X2 555, our overzealous overclocking efforts caused a processor meltdown. With a little more experience on Intel's 32 nm process (and...

news - MAY 21 28

After weeks, nay months, of rumors, Google today confirmed a partnership with Sony, Intel and Logitech that will see the search giant foray into the TV business in a big way.

news - MAY 18 70

AMD planning big things for its Fusion of the future.

reviews - MAY 17 57

April saw the introduction of AMD's Phenom II X6. Does this new architecture offer up enough performance to make the recommended list? We're bummed that there likely won't be a Zosma launch, but that makes it...

news - MAY 14 8

For consumers looking for a high-end all-in-one PC, Tangent just might have the rig for you.

reviews - MAY 14 40

Intel’s $115 Core i3-530 doesn't include Turbo Boost technology and it doesn't boast hardware-based AES-NI, but it overclocks like a fiend. We benchmarked this dual-core, HT-equipped chip at 4.4 GHz and...

news - MAY 12 12

Lenovo is first out the gate offering Intel's new Core series ULV chips.

reviews - MAY 11 59

In our recent Phenom II X6 1090T review, we speculated about the possibility of a quad-core CPU family based on AMD's Thuban design. Meet Zosma. We got our hands on a Phenom II X4 960T at 3 GHz, and unlocked it...

reviews - MAY 11 79

AMD turns the bait-and-switch tactic upside down for the second time in four months, offering faster CPUs at existing price points. We explore the company's seven new models and discuss the processor lineup in...

news - MAY 11 22

Well, well, well, what do we have here?

news - MAY 11 17

Intel has confirmed plans for Core i3 and i5 ULV processors.

news - MAY 10 45

The more cores, the more hardcore.

news - MAY 7 32

AMD will be in more new laptops this summer than in 2009.

news - MAY 7 42

Intel's Atom running Chrome in Windows XP beats the Apple iPad running Safari.

news - MAY 7 25

Not only will this laptop be super light, but will feature a Super Charged ion Battery.

reviews - MAY 7 57

Atom was designed to be a low-cost, low-power solution, but its value in the desktop space is debatable if you consider performance. We pit the cheapest Core i3 against Intel's Atom on a performance-per-dollar...

news - MAY 7 50

End of the line for this specialized hardware.