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CPUs - Page 44


CPUs serve as the heart and soul of your desktop, notebook, and tablet. But with so many devices, power budgets, and performance requirements, it’s not always easy to pick the right hardware. From AMD to Intel and x86 to ARM, Tom’s Hardware has you covered.

news - MAY 6 12

Intel plans to change the face smartphone and tablet computing.

news - MAY 4 58

Can you tell which is which?

news - APRIL 29 18

ARM CEO Warren East said that ARM-based servers should appear in 2011.

news - APRIL 28 13

Apple buys some semiconductor talent.

news - APRIL 28 47

Overclockers to push the new Phenom II X6 as far as it can go this Friday.

news - APRIL 27 6

HP's new theme for its Integrity line of servers is blade-based.

reviews - APRIL 27 231

Hot on the heels of Intel's Core i7-980X, AMD is looking to show enthusiasts that six cores don't have to cost four digits. Starting under $200, the real question is whether the new X6s are better than the X4s...

news - APRIL 26 46

Nvidia said that consumers should have the option to use Nvidia chipsets on low-end and mid-range systems.

news - APRIL 23 24

ARM Holdings' CEO is playing down earlier reports that Apple could make a bid for the company.

news - APRIL 22 3

Sounds like many HP Integrity servers will get a new chassis after living in the same box for seven years.

news - APRIL 22 6

The cheapest server this outlet provides starts at $1324.74.

news - APRIL 22 28

At CeBit earlier this year, everyone was talking about the Lian Li's Spider case. With everything raised up and easily accessible, the cheesy promotional video was easily forgiven (though not forgotten, see...

news - APRIL 22 19

The Streak's big brother is packing Nvidia's Tegra 2.

news - APRIL 20 66

AMD's first Fusion is now in the hands of AMD's customers for testing purposes.

news - APRIL 17 70

Could Apple be switching to AMD for the next-generation of Macs?

news - APRIL 16 57

AMD reports a net income of $257 million, marking its second quarter in a row of profit.

news - APRIL 15 70

Steve Jobs Explains Why the 13-inch MacBook Pro doesn't have any Nehalem sweetness.

news - APRIL 15 72

Intel reveals a little more about the next generation of processors after Nehalem.

news - APRIL 15 51

Intel's financials looking lots better as customers ease off the Intel Atom netbook frenzy and go back to bigger chips.

news - APRIL 15 25

Intel CEO Paul Otellini has teased a new dual-core Atom CPU that's said to be coming in the second quarter.

news - APRIL 15 22

Intel today unveiled a new System-on-Chip dubbed Tunnel Creek that is aimed at in-car entertainment systems, media phones and printers.

news - APRIL 13 36

Eurocom yesterday announced that it will ship the world's first six core notebook.

news - APRIL 13 68

New MacBook Pros get refreshed with Nehalem and new Nvidia GPUs.

news - APRIL 11 25

LN2 makes an appearance again!

news - APRIL 10 31

Asus has made a promo video. That's means the product is getting closer to release, we hope.

news - APRIL 10 59

How about we just build you a core for every program that you wish to run?