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CPUs - Page 45


CPUs serve as the heart and soul of your desktop, notebook, and tablet. But with so many devices, power budgets, and performance requirements, it’s not always easy to pick the right hardware. From AMD to Intel and x86 to ARM, Tom’s Hardware has you covered.

news - APRIL 9 65

Don't ask.

news - APRIL 8 4

New Unisys servers will support the latest Intel Xeon processors.

news - APRIL 8 6

Dell has introduced three new business-centric laptops to its Latitude line.

news - APRIL 8 37

The TSA has published a blog post detailing what customers traveling with netbooks, ereaders, tablets and "other small gadgets" can expect when they're going through security.

reviews - APRIL 8 81

March saw the introduction of the world's first hexa-core desktop CPU, Intel's Core i7-980X Extreme Edition processor. We talk about the monolithic juggernaut and some of the CPU world's latest pricing...

reviews - APRIL 8 19

Intel's x86 architecture has done well in the mid-range of the server market, but it's still not considered the proper solution for mission-critical systems. That'll change with Xeon 7500 (formerly Nehalem-EX),...

reviews - APRIL 8 63

Hot on the heels of Intel's own six-core desktop launch, AMD is letting loose with the first details of its Phenom II X6, set to launch later this month. Not only is AMD moving to six cores at 45 nm, but it's...

news - APRIL 8 46

How much do the materials inside an iPad cost? Around 52 percent the retail cost.

news - APRIL 8 18

Only six percent of Itanium systems run Microsoft Windows.

news - APRIL 7 4

Two workstation solutions for professionals featuring dual-core and quad-core options are on the way.

news - APRIL 7 33

NC State researchers figured out a way to separate memory management from common software processing, finally enabling multi-core support.

news - APRIL 7 26

The bullx supernodes are designed for engineering calculations, physics simulation, and more.

news - APRIL 7 10

Dying to get your hands on Nvidia's Ion 2?

news - APRIL 7 62

It uses the same sort of brains and brawn as the latest iPhone and iPod Touch models.

news - APRIL 7 30

Microsoft announces plans for Itanium's going-away party. But that's still eight years away.

news - APRIL 7 62

Yes, it can play it.

news - APRIL 5 38

Don't worry, your ARM-based mobile device will be safe from the brain-eating zombots.

reviews - APRIL 5 117

Our latest "How Much CPU Do I Really Need?" article pits the cheapest Core i3 and price-matched Phenom II series processors against the highest-priced CPUs for the same two platforms. Can the low-cost parts...

news - APRIL 4 71

iPad gets benchmarked.

news - APRIL 3 37

Never leave a CPU unattended.

news - APRIL 2 44

Intel wants to always be ahead of what software demands.

news - MARCH 29 31

AMD is beefing up its server CPUs with new 8- and 12-core offerings.

news - MARCH 27 34

IT'S FINALLY HERE. Yes, that means that there won't be any more leaks or board shots or box shots… well, until the next rumored GPU variant comes along. But today let's enjoy what Nvidia has to share with us,...

news - MARCH 26 52

Asus is loading M4 motherboards with 6-core processor compatibility thanks to some tasty firmware.

reviews - MARCH 25 24

In Part 1, we showed you how to optimize the settings of your Cool'n'Quiet-equipped processor and what sort of power benefits you could expect as a result. Now it's time to run the benchmarks and see how our...

news - MARCH 24 24

Forget all that messing with bus speeds; what you really want is an unlocked multiplier!