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CPUs - Page 60


CPUs serve as the heart and soul of your desktop, notebook, and tablet. But with so many devices, power budgets, and performance requirements, it’s not always easy to pick the right hardware. From AMD to Intel and x86 to ARM, Tom’s Hardware has you covered.

reviews - JANUARY 7 164

Can AMD finally recapture its former market lead with the Phenom II? We tested their new 45-nm CPU, which is compatible with AM2 motherboards. How do things look from performance, energy consumption and...

news - JANUARY 6 15

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. However, Freescale Semiconductor's upcoming i.MX515 processor, based on the ARM chip architecture, should defy that belief, offering 1GHz speeds for under $200.

news - DECEMBER 31 18

Acer definitely wins the prize for being first out the gate with a machine running Intel’s latest addition to its processor line up, the ultra cheap quad core Q9000. However, now that it’s all official and...

news - DECEMBER 31 4

The netbook market what it is today, it’s no real surprise to hear companies are working on a chip in the hopes of grabbing some of the market share currently dominated by Intel’s Atom processor.

news - DECEMBER 31 14

HP is reportedly in talks with Intel regarding the restrictions in place on the Atom processor.

news - DECEMBER 30 12

During a recession people resign themselves to the fact that they’re going to have to cut down on some luxuries -- and more often than not, gadgets and hardware often find themselves a place on the list of...

news - DECEMBER 30 3

Details of the recent layoffs and financial restructuring of Advanced Micro Devices’ are laid bare in a recent SEC filing. The filing shows the company laid off 600 people, 100 more than the initial figure of...

news - DECEMBER 23 15

Visionman Computers has launched the very first server featuring Intel's Core i7 processor.

reviews - DECEMBER 16 120

Just a couple of weeks before the introduction of its 45 nm Phenom II, AMD introduces a new dual-core chip. The Athlon X2 7000-series is basically a 65 nm Phenom with two active cores, but with the full L2 and...

reviews - DECEMBER 15 14

Modern processors are capable of switching into power-efficient modes to save power when they’re idle, and an increasing number of motherboards offer dynamic features for the same purpose. Yet, the benefits...

news - DECEMBER 15 50

Competitors at our Overdrive finals tweaked Intel's Core i7 through the weekend and achieved great results. But there was a dark horse in the race as well -- AMD's Phenom II.

news - DECEMBER 14 2

Switching on the Turbo mode is required to sail around Intel's TDC and TDP safety limiters, but it also introduced some issues for the overclockers.

picture story - DECEMBER 13 1

The Overdrive Overclocking Championship is all about overclocking Core i7 Extreme 965. Some teams collected results after only two hours, others are still optimizing. Check out our impressions of Day 1.

news - DECEMBER 11 11

Intel has developed a high-speed silicon-based avalanche photodetector that can be manufactured cheaply, which could one day lead to optically-connected Intel processors

news - DECEMBER 10 3

According to information revealed in a UBS report entitled 'Intel Atom : Netbook, Opportunity or Threat?', "Medfield" will be the successor of "Lincroft", part of the "Moorestown" platform, with a release...

news - DECEMBER 4 10

AMD’s success in the mid-range GPU market isn’t going to be enough to compensate for the pummeling it’s gotten in the CPU market. AMD is warning Wall Street that its fourth-quarter 2008 prospects are even...

news - DECEMBER 2 16

Following suit with our Intel road map back in September of this year, Intel has has launched the last Quad-Core that consumers may see for the next while, if more are to come at all – The Q8300.

news - DECEMBER 2 4

According to Via's processor roadmap, dual-core Nano processors are planned to go into mass production starting June 2010

news - NOVEMBER 26 18

German teams edge past U.S. overclockers by just a few clock cycles more.

news - NOVEMBER 21 13

Intel's "Larrabee" still is on track for 2009 or 2010, with pressure looming

reviews - NOVEMBER 21 67

Atom is geared for low-cost, low-power netbooks and nettops, while the device is a poor choice for desktop PC applications. We show you why Core 2 is better, and give some guidance on how to pick the best power...

news - NOVEMBER 20 16

Got deep pockets and the compulsory need for speed, and something custom that nobody else has without having to do it yourself? I think you need to check out Falcon Northwest.

news - NOVEMBER 19 5

Silicon Graphics (SGI) is showing off a concept supercomputer that could pack as many as 10,000 Intel Atom processors into a single rack. The name SGI gave the concept computer was fittingly cute as well,...

news - NOVEMBER 18 14

According to the recently released list of the world's Top500 supercomputers, the title of world's fastest supercomputer goes to IBM's Roadrunner, located at the Los Alamos National Laboratory

news - NOVEMBER 18 29

AMD officialy announced the new family name for the 45nm Phenoms, Phenom II, at the firm's Financial Analyst Day last week. More interestingly that AMD has switched to a 3-digit model number scheme from the...

news - NOVEMBER 18 9

Today marks the release of the Intel's new Core i7 processors, but as expected the new platform is anything but cheap