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Desktops - Page 20


Desktop systems today run the gamut from economic all-in-ones to high-performance gaming rigs. Whether you're looking to buy a pre-built desktop or assemble your own, we have the reviews and benchmarks to make sure you get a balanced system that meets all your needs and budget.

news - NOVEMBER 19 17

Business can now front a meaty $8,400 USD for Microsoft's next-gen Surface table computer, the Samsung SUR40.

news - NOVEMBER 16 87

1 Teraflop. 1 Chip. Many integrated cores.

news - NOVEMBER 16 15

The Barcelona Supercomputing Center plans to build a system using Nvidia's Tegra SoC and CUDA GPU to reduce the enormous power consumption supercomputers typically need.

news - NOVEMBER 16 38

This Apple II computer was one of the first 3,000 units made according to the eBay listing, and was never upgraded.

news - NOVEMBER 14 44

Boutique PC vendors are already offering built-to-order Sandy Bridge-E systems.

news - NOVEMBER 14 73

Bulldozer may find its well-suited home in the server and workstation market.

news - NOVEMBER 13 37

That's a big tablet.

news - NOVEMBER 12 84


news - NOVEMBER 10 32

Unnamed vendors have said that Google needs to provide more resources and support if it's serious about Chrome OS on desktops.

news - NOVEMBER 10 24

Apple Stores Get Express Lanes for the Holidays

news - NOVEMBER 8 5

HP has revealed several new 3D products including an updated HP Wireless TV Connect peripheral, a $299 3D monitor, and a 3D-enabled AIO desktop computer.

news - NOVEMBER 6 54

Haven't you heard that the 80's are back?

news - NOVEMBER 2 14

HP will be losing Phil McKinney, chief technology officer of the PC unit.

reviews - NOVEMBER 2 20

In today's follow-up to LAN 101: Networking Basics, we discuss network topology, the hardware required for setting up wired and wireless networks, and even show you how to crimp your own 8P8C modular connector!

news - NOVEMBER 2 34

AMD announced the FirePro V4900 workstation graphics card that expands the company's product line on the upper end of the entry-level professional graphics market.

news - OCTOBER 31 60

Win a hot gaming rig complete with protection.

news - OCTOBER 28 34

Origin PC and Maingear are adding Intel's hot-n-fussy Core i7-2700K processor to their lineup, overclocking the chip to 5.2 GHz or more.

news - OCTOBER 28 39

HP has brought balance back to the PC sector with its decision to keep its PSG after all.

news - OCTOBER 27 36

The InfiniTV 4 USB device is out to replace your cable box using Media Center on Windows 7.

news - OCTOBER 14 14

Lenovo is now the second-largest PC vendor in the worldwide market for the first time.

news - OCTOBER 12 55

Oak Ridge National Laboratory has chosen Nvidia's Tesla GPU to power a new supercomputer for the U.S. Department of Energy.

news - OCTOBER 11 16

Microsoft has filed a patent for a technology that would enable multiple users to wirelessly connect to a single computing device and share a desktop session.

reviews - OCTOBER 10 32

We're testing four nettops: Arctic Cooling’s MC001-BD, ASRock’s CoreHT 252B, Giada’s i50, and Zotac’s Zbox AD03BR-PLUS. All of these tiny, quiet systems take a very different approach to compact...

news - OCTOBER 7 15

Zotac has released a new series of ZBOX nano mini-PCs featuring VIA's dual-core Nano X2 U4025 CPU.

news - OCTOBER 5 18

HP's new CEO said that she will make a decision on whether to keep, sell, or spin off the PC division later this month.

reviews - OCTOBER 5 125

You don't need a massive case to cram in tons of computing muscle. With a little help from a few manufacturers, our excessively-overclocked GeForce GTX 580 SLI build is small enough to sit atop most desks (and...