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Graphics Cards - Page 70


Avoid gaming bottlenecks and keep your system balanced with the latest information about Graphics Cards. From reviews of today’s hottest GPUs to do-it-yourself guides on overclocking, we have everything you need to know.

reviews - OCTOBER 11 0

The TrackerPod mount is designed for hands-free Webcam panning and zooming with a remote control, from your PC or over the Internet. But how well does this robotically-controlled gadget really work?

news - OCTOBER 11 0

Although PCs equipped with PCI-E aren't yet available as anything but a top-of-the-line PC, both ATi and Nvidia continue to debut new graphics cards equipped with this interface.

reviews - OCTOBER 8 12

A camcorder can offer a much better gaze at that person talking to you on the other end of the Internet, compared to a Webcam. Along with some software or drivers for your PC, see how to use your camcorder for...

news - SEPTEMBER 29 0

Graphics cards using the GammaChrome 3D graphics accelerator from S3 Graphics will be available in stores in the fourth quarter, according to Gerry Liu, CFO and vice president of marketing at S3, the graphics...

reviews - SEPTEMBER 28 0

Leadtek's A400 series 6800, 6800 GT and 6800 Ultra cards have some heavy metal, which also helps them run cool and quiet. See what else makes them stand out from the rest of the NVIDIA 6800 crowd.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 17 0

ATI's HDTV Wonder gives your PC HDTV television capabilities. But while saving you the expense of buying an HDTV television, the PCI card's installation can be a challenge while Nvidia graphics card users are...

reviews - SEPTEMBER 2 0

ATi has revamped its latest driver control panel, resulting in its new Catalyst Control Center interface. Designed to offer a clearer settings and options interface, does today's launch of the interface offer...

reviews - SEPTEMBER 1 0

ATi has taken its All-In-Wonder out of the box as it debuts a version for watching and recording TV with a laptop PC. Does the portable offering live up to the legacy of ATi's All-In-Wonder PC cards?

news - AUGUST 24 0

Asustek Computer plans to launch in September its X-series graphics cards for the entry- to middle-level segments, aiming to boost the company's sales in the channel, according to company sources.

reviews - AUGUST 16 0

The wraps are hardly off PCI Express, and the first OpenGL workstation graphics cards with the interface are ready for purchase. ATi and NVIDIA have released three and two PCI Express cards, respectively, which...

reviews - AUGUST 12 0

NVIDIA is about to launch the GeForce 6600 graphics card for the mainstream market following the recent launch of its high-end GeForce 6800. The good news is that, in its design at least, NVIDIA's GeForce 6600...

reviews - AUGUST 6 0

The Sticky Pod's inventor says his mounting system lets you attach a video camera to your car's exterior while moving at high speeds. THG took his claim one step further and took the system not only for a...

reviews - AUGUST 5 0

Confused about HDTV? We explain the basics of HDTV and what you can do to benefit from it.

reviews - AUGUST 3 0

Prolink heeds the call of users who want the extras of temperature-sensitive fan controls as well as fan-speed and temperature-monitoring capabilities in a high-performance graphics card. The PixelView GeForce...

reviews - JULY 26 0

Sapphire wants to address gamers and extreme overclockers with its new and gaudy Radeon Toxic X800 family. The first card to be available is the Toxic X800 Pro Vivo 256 MB, based on the 12-pipe version of ATI's...

reviews - JULY 23 0

HIS has taken the lead to become among the first vendors to offer a graphics card based on ATi's X800 processor. Packaged with the tried-and-tested IceQ cooling system, THG benchmarks the Excalibur Pro IceQ II...

reviews - JULY 21 0

Gainward's latest is its massively overclocked, completely watercooled CoolFX Ultra/2600 graphics card. Touted by Gainward as the world's fastest mass-produced graphics card, this masterpiece also commands an...

reviews - JULY 5 0

A new patch is out for the eye-candy heavy shooter FarCry, bringing with it a number of changes and improvements. Owners of a GeForce 6800 video card will find this patch especially interesting, as it finally...

reviews - JUNE 28 0

NVIDIA's GeForce 6800 processor lets you double your graphics fun. By incorporating SLI (Scalable Link Interface ), a mobo with two x16 PCI Express slots and two GeForce 6800 cards makes it possible to harness...

reviews - JUNE 25 0

Welcome to THG's new Graphics & Displays Guide, a standalone Web site dedicated to graphics cards, displays and video technologies.

news - JUNE 19 0

In response to leaked benchmark results, Alienware emailed benchmarks to most major media outlets.

reviews - JUNE 17 0

NVIDIA is ready to bring the PCI Express versions of their new GeForce 6800 cards to the market.

reviews - JUNE 14 0

We show you how to shoot home movies, complete with special effects. It's all easy and fast if you have the tools and know what to do.

reviews - JUNE 9 0

ATi is ready for the move on PCI Express and announced the new X300 and X600 models.

reviews - JUNE 3 0

ATI is cheating on trilinear texture filtering with the new X800, according to posts in Internet forums. Others ardently defend ATI. But what is really going on here?

reviews - MAY 28 0

Alienware has unveiled its Graphics Array system, which boosts graphics performance by harnessing the power of two high-end cards in a single PC. The approach has been tried before, but Alienware attempts to...