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Graphics Cards - Page 70


Avoid gaming bottlenecks and keep your system balanced with the latest information about Graphics Cards. From reviews of today’s hottest GPUs to do-it-yourself guides on overclocking, we have everything you need to know.

reviews - FEBRUARY 3 0

Taiwanese graphics card maker TUL is making a name for itself in the competitive PC components industry. Their PowerColor X700 PRO PCI Express card is based on ATI's X700 reference design. How does it measure...

news - FEBRUARY 3 0

Gigabyte Technology plans to introduce a series of dual-GPU graphics cards built using Nvidia GeForce 6600 chips, following the December launch of its first dual-GPU model, the GV-3D1, according to market...

news - JANUARY 31 0

Via today announced the PT chipset series Intel's Pentium 4 platform. Three new models support the most recent technologies and cover performance mainstream and high-end segments. The PT880 Pro delivers on the...

reviews - JANUARY 26 0

A true home theater experience is not about that box they call a TV or a PC-monitor. When we say home theater we mean a video projector with a screen and even a curtain. The price: less than $2,000. Popcorn and...

reviews - JANUARY 21 0

MSI's RX800PRO-TD256 does not vary much from the ATi-based card specifications and Radeon X800 graphics processor on which the device is based. However, a lot of games bundled with the not-so-shabby card at...

reviews - JANUARY 13 0

The Everio GZ-MC200 is the first camcorder capable of recording an hour of MPEG-2 video to a Microdrive. And this little technological marvel also takes 2 megapixel still photos!

reviews - DECEMBER 7 0

You want everyone to notice your graphics card's stand-out beauty, but instead it gets the face down treatment once installed in your case. Gigabyte wants to right this wrong with its GV-N68T256DH, so you can...

reviews - DECEMBER 3 0

DVRack lets you ditch the Mini-DV tapes and record straight to your PC's hard drive. Installed on a laptop, it takes the place of many pieces of antiquated and clunky video gear that were formerly needed to...

news - DECEMBER 3 0

Intel and Nvidia have jointly launched a marketing campaign to promote Intel's own-brand PCIe-enabled motherboards and Nvidia-based graphics cards in the channel, according to sources at Taiwan graphics card...

reviews - NOVEMBER 29 1

Issues associated with graphics cards and DVI signaling may spell problems after you've spent a month's worth of rent to replace your CRT monitor with a TFT display. We detail why this is the case, how DVI...

reviews - NOVEMBER 22 1

Intel has puts its trust in PCI Express graphics, but what is it really good for? We took the top graphics cards from ATI and NVIDIA and ran some benchmarks with all the PCIe modes possible. This helped us...

news - NOVEMBER 18 0

Info-Tek Corporation, the producer of GeCube-branded graphics cards today released a new series of video cards, the GeCube Radeon X700Pro SilenCool series.

news - NOVEMBER 17 0

Albatron Technology today announced the Nvidia-based AGP6600 and AGP6600GT VGA cards, both of which are designed for the AGP 8x interface.

news - NOVEMBER 11 0

Nvidia's driver for graphics processing units released hours ago supports graphics cards with 512 MB frame-buffer, it transpired.

reviews - NOVEMBER 10 0

The THG Graphics Card Buyer's Guide has been written to be a guideline for the purchase of a new graphics card. It aids beginners in selecting the right model with the right feature set, and explains the newest...

reviews - OCTOBER 28 0

You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to get professional green/blue screen movie effects. Serious Magic's Ultra will add magic to your videos for a fraction of the cost of other chroma keying packages.

news - OCTOBER 20 0

According to graphic card manufacturer Tul, some graphics cards using its brand name "PowerColor" were found available in a retail store.

reviews - OCTOBER 15 0

Forget about expensive LCD TV screens: A digital video projector can do a better job for a whole lot less. A blank white wall and an investment of less than $1,500 can transform your living room into a movie...

news - OCTOBER 14 0

ATI posted its monthly driver update. Version 4.10 will improve performance for the game Doom 3 and brings new driver enhancements dubbed Catalyst A.I.

reviews - OCTOBER 11 0

The TrackerPod mount is designed for hands-free Webcam panning and zooming with a remote control, from your PC or over the Internet. But how well does this robotically-controlled gadget really work?

news - OCTOBER 11 0

Although PCs equipped with PCI-E aren't yet available as anything but a top-of-the-line PC, both ATi and Nvidia continue to debut new graphics cards equipped with this interface.

reviews - OCTOBER 8 12

A camcorder can offer a much better gaze at that person talking to you on the other end of the Internet, compared to a Webcam. Along with some software or drivers for your PC, see how to use your camcorder for...

news - SEPTEMBER 29 0

Graphics cards using the GammaChrome 3D graphics accelerator from S3 Graphics will be available in stores in the fourth quarter, according to Gerry Liu, CFO and vice president of marketing at S3, the graphics...

reviews - SEPTEMBER 28 0

Leadtek's A400 series 6800, 6800 GT and 6800 Ultra cards have some heavy metal, which also helps them run cool and quiet. See what else makes them stand out from the rest of the NVIDIA 6800 crowd.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 17 0

ATI's HDTV Wonder gives your PC HDTV television capabilities. But while saving you the expense of buying an HDTV television, the PCI card's installation can be a challenge while Nvidia graphics card users are...

reviews - SEPTEMBER 2 0

ATi has revamped its latest driver control panel, resulting in its new Catalyst Control Center interface. Designed to offer a clearer settings and options interface, does today's launch of the interface offer...